Immigration New Zealand

It is the dream of many to successfully make an application for immigration to New Zealand. The reality is we live in a world with an increasing amount of people seeking new opportunities abroad and New Zealand is one of the most popular immigration destinations.

According to demographic experts, some 214 million people now live outside of their country of origin and globalization has increased the movement of labour. Nations now compete as the growing demand for workers and investors from abroad to help sustain national economies.

Immigration New Zealand provides migrants some amazing views

What can we say!! A superb view!!

New Zealand is no exception to this. It actively seeks appropriate immigrants to help further its economic and social development. In tune with this, its immigration policies are migrant friendly and the support structures it puts into place for immigrants are second to none.

For those seeking a ‘greener pasture’ there is no doubting the appeal that Immigration to New Zealand offers. The life style, family values, low crime, amazing scenery and business climate are just a few. We invite you to explore a little about New Zealand on our website, learn about the visa options and most importantly give you a helping hand in deciding whether Immigration to New Zealand is, or is not, for you!

Peace of Mind in Dealing with a Licensed Immigration Practitioner

Intergate Emigration employ a number of licensed Immigration Practitioner’s who are registered with the New Zealand Immigration Advisor Authority.

When you want to find out about Immigrating to New Zealand you should only deal with licensed immigration practitioners. Since 2010 all New Zealand immigration advisers must be either licensed or exempt, Intergate complies with this legislation and our details can be found on

 email us your query for Immigrating to New Zealandbook your New Zealand Immigration consultation
As such we comply with regulatory guidelines on how we provide you, the client with advice and how we conduct our business.

As a New Zealand licensed immigration practitioner we have to meet the required competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct.

How we can help with Immigration New Zealand

Whilst we are not Immigration New Zealand, we are regulated by their approved body (Immigration Advisors Authority) to provide value added services to prospective immigrants to New Zealand, these include:

  • Exploring all your visa options and help selecting the right visa;
  • Preparing your visa application;
  • Settling into New Zealand;
  • Assessing whether you can appeal a declined visa;
  • Assessing your options if you are in New Zealand unlawfully.

How we work?

There is always much to consider when you start your immigration journey. Perhaps the most important consideration is whether you qualify for a New Zealand visa to allow you immigrate.

Temporary entry class visa’s you may wish to apply for include visitor visas, work visas, student visas, special temporary visas for diplomatic, consular and official staff, military visas or a limited visa.

If you intend to apply for a residence visa you can do so if you meet the requirements of the Business categories, the family categories, the skilled migrant category or the residence from work category.

The starting place is for us to consult with you about your current situation. We take a detailed look at what your plans are and evaluate this against potential visa options. Our advice to you will take the format of a written report which will clearly explain our recommendations, as well as including a detailed service offering should you wish to proceed and engage our services.

Consultations for Immigration to New Zealand can be undertaken face to face, via Skype or phone and even via email where personal contact is difficult.

Find out more

Our Immigration New Zealand website contains detailed information on most New Zealand visa options and we extend you an invitation to explore it by reading the below Zealand Immigration options or simply contact one of our team here.

The different New Zealand Immigration Options

 link to travel visa sectionIf you intend to travel to New Zealand on a holiday it may be that you require a travel visa. See here to find out  if you need a travel visa, or are exempt, and how to apply.


links to details on the family and partner visa optionsIf you have existing family in New Zealand, either a citizen or residence holder, you may be eligible for immigration to New Zealand under the partner and family visa section.


Links to the options for immigration to New Zealand on a temporary work visaNew Zealand offers a number of different temporary work visa options. See here to see which type of temporary work visa you may qualify for. Note some of the options may allow you to later apply for permanent immigration to New Zealand.


Links to the work to residency option for migrantsFor many people seeking Immigration to New Zealand, it may be that you do not qualify for a residence visa straight away. Do not despair see here for details on the work to residency scheme.


links to information on student visasWith a number of first rate educational providers New Zealand has become popular for those seeking international learning opportunities. Read here to find out all about study visas.


Links to the section on the New Zealand skilled migrants visaAs an immigration route to residency in New Zealand the skilled migrant visa is perhaps the most popular. See here for details on how the skilled migrant visa works and to find out if you may be eligible.


Are you seeking permanent immigration to New Zealand, here we detail all the permanent residence options that are available for those seeking to make New Zealand home country.


links to information on investors and business visasImmigration New Zealand offers investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity for residence. See here and learn more about investing, starting or buying into a business in New Zealand.


Disclaimer: Intergate Emigration is not an agency of the New Zealand government however our immigration practitioners have been tested and are registered with the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority. Our Immigration Licence Registration Number is IAA License No. 201400975. All our services comply with the Immigration Act of New Zealand. Our consultancy services with the compiling of visa and permit applications and our relocation services are unavailable through government channels. The application forms used during the immigration process can also be collected free of charge at any Immigration New Zealand.