What is a licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand?

There is much confusion in the world of immigration as to what constitutes a licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand. You could say in short that they are they to help you with your migration and operate in a regulated environment – but lets have a look in more detail.


What is a licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand

What is a licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand

Moving to a new country is never easy. In fact it can be one of the most stressful times of your entire life. Making that big change from South Africa to New Zealand with your family, can result in all sorts of emotions, including loss. Leaving a country is never easy regardless of how green things may be on the other side. (In New Zealand’s case, very green).

One of the best ways to lighten the burden and to get some much needed support, is to make use of a fully licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand. Knowing the difference between someone who is licensed as opposed to someone who isn’t will prove extremely valuable.

What is a Licensed Immigration Advisor?

If you would like to learn and understand more about what makes someone a licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand, then keep on reading.

The below article will help you to gain a better understanding and will provide you with more clarity on exactly what a licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand does.

Are there any Licensed Immigration Advisor”s for NZ in South Africa?

Firstly it needs to be acknowledged that at this current point in time there are only three fully licensed  immigration advisor’s for New Zealand in South Africa, this includes ours.

There are many companies who may market immigration advisor’s for New Zealand, however these immigration advisor’s are not based in South Africa. As you can imagine this can be very troublesome when wanting to have a sit down or a face to face discussion with your immigration advisor. The time difference can also become problematic.

The role of a Licensed Immigration Advisor?

According to the law, anybody who provides advice with regard to immigration to New Zealand is required to be licensed by the Immigration Advisor’s Authority, unless they are exempt.

Not all Licensed Immigration Advisor’s are the same

There are three types of licensed immigration advisor’s:

  • Full
  • Provisional
  • Limited.

Lets discuss each one of these in more detail in order for you to gain a better understanding.

1.A Fully Licensed Immigration Advisor – is able to provide you with information pertaining to a vast range of immigration matters. They have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all immigration related matters.

2.A Provisionally Licensed Immigration Advisor – is able to provide you with information about all immigration related matters, however the fundamental difference is that they need to be fully supervised by a full license holder.

3.A limited Licensed Immigration Advisor is only able to provide you with advice on specific and limited immigration matters.

It is always going to prove useful and within your best interest to not only check if an immigration advisor is licensed but also check the type of license which is held.

Code of Conduct of a Licensed Immigration Advisor

A Licensed Immigration Advisor also has to meet very high competency standards and they follow a highly professional code of conduct.

This code of conduct require advisor’s to:

  • Be professional, honest and respectful at all times.
  • To provide clients with updates on an ongoing basis.
  • To only charge fees which are reasonable and fair.

What is the scope of a Licensed Immigration Advisor For New Zealand?

Some of the many things a New Zealand immigration advisor can help you with:

  • Assisting and preparing you with your visa application.
  • Assisting you with settling into New Zealand.
  • Assessing the process with regard to if you are able to appeal a visa which was declined.
  • Having the competency to assess if you are in New Zealand unlawfully.
  • Helping you to explore the broad range of visa options.
  • Assisting you in choosing the best via option for you.

Company versus individual licensing

It is important for us to stress that a person is licensed and not a company. Therefore a company is not able to market themselves as being “licensed” for New Zealand immigration. They are only allowed to market the person who is licensed.

It is also highly important to understand that a person who takes the liberty of providing New Zealand immigration advice and who is not licensed or exempt is actually committing an offence by law.

It should go without question that should you wish to make such a big life changing decision for you and your family such as migrating to New Zealand, the last thing which you would want is to have any involvement with individuals who are on the wrong side of the law. This should be avoided at literally all costs and a fully licensed advisor is always the best route to take.

Does Intergate immigrate make have a fully licensed immigration advisor?

Yes we do, in fact all of our team who are not fully licensed are currently studying towards their full license. Our fully licensed immigration advisor’s name is Katrin Maja Maehl (IAA License No. 201400975). Please feel free to look at her license information on the Immigration Advisers Authority website.

Booking an assessment or finding out more:

If you would like to find out more about our services or book an assessment with us simply call us on +27 (0) 11 234 4275 (SA) or +44 (0) 1392 531730. Alternatively, send us an email.

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