New Zealand Immigration from South Africa

New Zealand Immigration from South Africa

New Zealand Immigration from South Africa

Over 4,000 people took the decision to embark on New Zealand Immigration from South Africa last year and the trend says, even more South Africans will be joining them.

Of course many thousands more sought to migrate, but sadly not all of us qualify for a New Zealand visa.

If you are seeking New Zealand Immigration from South Africa the below is our top hints and tips on how to go about this.

Top hints and tips for New Zealand Immigration from South Africa

1. Decide what it is you want to do if you emigrate to New Zealand- The activity you want to carry out will dictate what sort of visa you should apply for. If you have options such as work, study or run a business and don’t mind exploring them all to see what visa, if any, you may qualify for and simply instruct us that you are open to all options.

2. Get assessed – The reality is a formal assessment is the most important step in your New Zealand Immigration from South Africa. It is this which says whether or not you may qualify for a visa and dictates whether it is worth investing money in time and exploring your options further.

3. Don’t get caught out – If you are seeking the services of a migration company ONLY licensed agents such as ours are able to give you advice. Always check on the registration number given to you.

4. Look carefully at your points score – Once you have assessed against a skilled migrant work visa you will receive a point’s score. Whilst you can proceed with an expression of interest if you score over 100 points it is highly doubtful you will be selected unless you subsequently get a job offer.

5. Look at temporary routes – Sometimes residency is achieved through a stepped process and not a once off application. For example, obtaining a temporary work visa greatly enhances your chances of obtaining residency later on.

6. If you are serious invest a little – There is a good reason that licensed immigration agents charge for assessments. They have years of experience and have professional qualifications in order to ensure they give you the best advice and turn over every stone to try and find you an appropriate visa route. Free or web based applications do not do the same thing.

7. Is there any job support – For many of us obtaining a job (and income) will be vital to any prospective New Zealand Immigration from South Africa. See if your immigration agent can help you at all – if so it’s a big added value.

8. Local is lekker – Of course we would say that being one of only a handful of licensed immigration agents for New Zealand in South Africa. But the reality is it makes communication easier, is more than likely cheaper for you and it means you have support locally and on hand.

So if you want to find out more about New Zealand Immigration from South Africa

Complete our email enquiry form here and take your first steps.

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