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construction workers new zealandStuff New Zealand recently reported that there will be a shortfall of tens of thousands of construction workers in New Zealand over the next five years.

This is not good news for the New Zealand construction industry. A shortage of construction workers could hamper efforts to build more houses.

However, it could be good news for someone with the right skills and experience who want to live and work in New Zealand.

Up to 60 000 more workers needed over the next five years

Over the next five years, the New Zealand construction industry will need between 55 000 to 60 000 more construction workers. And that’s before additional building through the government’s KiwiBuild programme is taken into account.

One of the expert Stuff New Zealand chatted to said “a lack of tradespeople was a global concern.” School leavers are turning to university degrees “for everything” more frequently, while looking down on trades.

About New Zealand’s construction industry

New Zealand Now states that ‘…about a quarter of the total employment growth until March 2020 is forecast to occur in construction and related activities. Combined, these sectors are expected to show the strongest growth in the labour market’.

NZN goes on to say that construction activities are likely to grow across New Zealand, with residential construction in the Auckland region and the Canterbury rebuilds driving most of the growth.

How does all of this benefit you?

With construction workers of all kinds in high demand, there are plenty of opportunities available in New Zealand.

This is provided, of course, you have the right skills and experience, and can meet the necessary eligibility criteria. But, if you do, you could be calling New Zealand ‘home’ in the future.

Construction jobs on the skill shortage lists

Construction jobs on the skill shortage lists in early 2018 include:

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