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Demographics Of New ZealandShould you wish to find out more about New Zealand, then you may want to start by learning all about the demographics of New Zealand.

The demographics of New Zealand include the ethnic, gender, religious, geographic and the economic backgrounds of all the people living in New Zealand.

Some interesting demographics of New Zealand

Religions in New Zealand

The biggest religions in New Zealand are Protestant which makes up (38%) and Roman Catholic which makes up Catholic (12%). You may be surprised to learn that over 30% of Kiwis are not religious.

New Zealand national anthems

New Zealand has two official national anthems. One is “God Defend New Zealand” and the other is “God Save the Queen”. Although they have the same equal status, “God Defend New Zealand” is the most preferred and commonly used of the two.

The New Zealand life expectancy

People in New Zealand, on average, live long and healthy lives. The general life expectancy is 80 years of age. Males being 78.88 years and females being 83.08 years.

The birth rate in New Zealand

The average birth rate in New Zealand is 13.4 births/1,000 population.

The death rate in New Zealand

The average death rate in New Zealand is 7.3 deaths/1,000 population.

The population size of New Zealand

The estimated population size of New Zealand is 4.4 million people. Of this number of people, 50% are of European descent.

The major cities in New Zealand

New Zealand has five major cities. These major cities are Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton and Tauranga.

The capital of New Zealand

The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington. The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland.

The official languages in New Zealand

The New Zealand languages consist of English (official), Maori (official), New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) (official) and Kiwi Slang (unofficial). The primary language in New Zealand is English.

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