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Emigrating from South Africa to New ZealandWhy are so many people emigrating from South Africa to New Zealand?

We’re guessing it’s because New Zealand has proven to be one of the safest countries in the world with world-class healthcare and education standards.

It’s certainly also because New Zealand has been found to be the second-most prosperous country world, with cities that offer a high quality of life.

The only downside, it seems, is the regular rain on the South Island. Let’s be honest though – it’s a small price to pay, considering all of the above.

Let’s hear from some South African expats

The best way to get information on any topic is to go straight to the source. What better source on emigrating from South Africa to New Zealand than people who’ve already done it?

The Du Plooy family

Sarahann and Andries du Plooy, who told their story to Oamaru Mail, moved from Johannesburg to Oamaru, a small North Otago town. While they miss their home and loved ones, ‘In South Africa, it’s hard to get what you want. It’s a fight. There is a lot of restrictions and red tape’.

The Du Plooys love their new life. They say, “It’s exciting. There’s a lot of fresh stuff happening in Oamaru.” There are no regrets. The couple now lives a slower lifestyle and is loving it.

Grant Marshall

Grant Marshall moved to New Zealand with his family 15 years ago. In his piece for Stuff New Zealand, Grant writes that New Zealand seemed like paradise for his family. The family was tired of the crime, corruption, and lack of opportunity in South Africa.

Today Grant considers himself a Kiwi. He’s found New Zealand to be ‘a place of great opportunity, beauty, and freedom’, and ‘wouldn’t want to live anywhere else’.

Is emigrating from South Africa to New Zealand your dream too?

If you’re reading this and your heart is set on moving to New Zealand, you should absolutely do these three things first:

1. Find out if you qualify

This is always worth repeating – you have to start your emigration by doing an assessment to find out if you qualify to live and work in Australia.

It’s only after you’ve completed an assessment with a licensed adviser that you’ll know which, if any, migration pathways are open to you.

The benefit of that? You can set yourself up for success and you don’t spend money on an unreachable dream.

2. Decide if you want to go it alone or with the help of an adviser

Immigration assessments should be non-obligatory, giving you the option of shopping around or deciding to apply for your visa on your own.

Our advice is to always choose the adviser route. Ensure it’s a licensed adviser! Such a person does hundreds of applications each month and is well-versed in what’s required as well as up to date on immigration developments. You’ll give yourself the best shot of getting your application correct the first time!

3. Find a job

While emigrating to Australia without a job is possible, it’s near impossible to move to New Zealand without a job offer.

Luckily for you, we’ve written extensively on the job search process for New Zealand:

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Find a Job New Zealand’s job section too. This is where our recruitment partner regularly posts available positions. However, if you’d like the jobs to come to you, do follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter.

Final thoughts

New Zealand makes regular changes to their immigration laws, so it’s always better to start an emigration sooner rather than later. You don’t want to wait for ages, only to find out that you are now too old or will earn too little for permanent residency. It’s happened to too many people – trust us!

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