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Employment Prospects In New ZealandPrior to making the decision to move to New Zealand, the big question that needs to be asked is: are there genuine employment prospects in New Zealand?

The truth is that there are some amazing employment prospects in New Zealand. However there are various factors which need to be taken into account such as your skill set.

If you are curious about the employment prospects in New Zealand, and wish to learn more, then this blog post is for you.

What is unique about the employment prospects in New Zealand, in comparison to other countries?

The good news is that New Zealand need to attract skilled migrants. This is actually to the point where the GDP of New Zealand would suffer badly if the country were not to find sufficient skilled migrants.

A rolling three year target is in place. The number of immigrants which New Zealand have to attract is currently at 150,000.

Should you fit the requirements, be assured that New Zealand wants you. This makes the employment prospects in New Zealand unique and the option of migrating to New Zealand more obtainable.

How do I go about finding employment prospects in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers all sorts of excellent working opportunities for skilled workers. One of the most popular ways that people get an opportunity to work in New Zealand is via the skilled migration visa. The skilled migration visa provides many people from all over the world the path to permanent residency in New Zealand.

What skills are in demand in New Zealand?

Some of the many skills in demand include: education, health, finance and more. However it is important to understand there are distinct categories of skill shortages. For example, there are skills which cover long term shortages, others which cover immediate shortages and others which cover Canterbury shortages.

Where can I go to see the specific skill shortages in New Zealand?

In order to see exactly what the skills shortages in New Zealand are, it is advisable that you check out the New Zealand skill shortages lists.

The New Zealand skill shortages lists are:

  • The Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL),
  • The Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL) and
  • The Canterbury Skill Shortage List (CSSL).

You can download the skill shortage lists from the various categories here.

I want to start the New Zealand emigration process

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