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Free Initial New Zealand Assessment

Free Initial New Zealand AssessmentOur free initial New Zealand assessment is designed to ensure:

  • You do not waste money on applications or formal assessments that are unlikely to succeed.
  • That you understand the process and do not build up false hopes of emigrating to New Zealand.
  • You meet the basic criteria for New Zealand residency or some form of work visa.
  • Intergate Emigration is the type of organisation you are happy to trust with any applications.
  • You the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.
  • We discover the best route forward for you.

Our free initial New Zealand assessment exists to ensure you fully make sure you fully understand the process and do not spend money on something that is never going to happen,

How the free initial New Zealand assessment prevents you from wasting money.

wasting money without a free initial nz assessmentNew Zealand emigration is more complex than it seems. Because of this people can often find themselves parting with their hard earned money without fully understanding the process.

Let's suppose you want to apply for a work visa or residency via the skilled migrant visa.

In most cases you will need to secure a job offer in order to secure a New Zealand work visa or residency. As the job search and visa process go hand in hand there are aspects of your visa application it is advisable to proceed with. However, what is not sensible is paying for the complete visa process before a job offer has been secured.

Sadly there are far too many horror stories of people having parted with large amounts of money only to see no progress at all with their planned migration.

Not building up false hopes of emigrating to New Zealand and understand the process..

false hopes without a free initial nz immigration assessmentThe internet is a dangerous place with a lot of conflicting advice and information. Verbal communication can also often result in miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Just because your occupation appears on a skills shortage list it doesn't mean you will qualify for a visa. Each and every year hundreds of thousands of people make the decision to migrate to New Zealand. Only about 50,000 make it. In other words , the vast majority of people do not qualify.

Our promise to you is to leave no stone unturned in exporing what emigration options you may have. That said, we will also ensure that we do create false expectations of your chances of emigrating.

It takes 4 years for someone to become a licensed immigration adviser. Get professional advice here.

Meeting the basic criteria for New Zealand residency or some form of work visa.

meeting the basic critieria for new zealand emigrationIf you are in the right age group, appear on the skilled shortage list and meet the good health and character requirements - you could be forgiven for thinking "Well I meet the basic criteria". But migration ;law is complex and often misinterpreted.

The consequences of this are:

  • Many failed applications that have simply not gone into the required detail.
  • Nominated occupations that do not meet the required criteria.
  • Experience claimed that is not valid.
  • Incorrect points scores.
  • Missed opportunities for certain visa types.
  • Forgetting that all family members meet certain criteria.

The list goes on.

Our licensed advisers (it takes 3 years to become a fully licensed immigration adviser, 1 of study and 2 years supervision) will ensure you know the basic criteria and advise on whether it is worth you spending any money going further down your migration journey.

We want you to be 100% confident and secure in your decision to trust us with your emigration to New Zealand.

trusting intergte emigration for NZ emigrationAny advice you receive needs to be 100% accurate. Any application you make needs to be 100% correct. It is essential that you are at ease with the company you select as your preferred adviser. The best way to make that decision, and to ensure you are 100% happy with us, is to talk to us.

We want you to be entirely comfortable with Intergate Emigration as your chosen immigration company.

To give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have

ask questions with intergates free initial assessmentIt is of course perfectly natural to have a number of questions concerning your prospective migration. At this early stage of your planning we will do our best to answer everything that we can.

It is our responsibility to make sure you make informed decisions. We do this by giving you relevant, practical and honest replies.

To discover the best route forward for you.

best immigration route for nzIn many cases we may suggest a formal assessment before proceeding with any applications. Sometimes we will be able to advise you on the best way forward immediately.

On other occasions it will be necessary for us to consider many options before we present any emigration options to you.

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