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Life In New Zealand For ImmigrantsThe good news is that New Zealand welcomes many immigrants from all over the world. In many countries immigrants may struggle and find it harder to integrate into day to day living. However life in New Zealand for immigrants is much easier than in the majority of other countries.

What’s New Zealand life like for immigrants?

New Zealand is constantly changing as new families arrive on their shores. More and more immigrants are choosing New Zealand to be their country of choice for a new life. Although it is natural to miss home, the majority of immigrants find the quality of life in New Zealand to be better than the quality of life in their previous countries.

New Zealand as an expat destination

New Zealand is home to many cultures and nationalities. People from all walks of life are now living in New Zealand. The population of New Zealand is formed from European descents but the country is attracting more and more expats from all over the world.

Regardless of where you come from, living in New Zealand offers you a pleasant experience and you are bound to meet people who come from the same country that you do, making you “feel at home”. This is in addition to the people in New Zealand being very accustomed to new people; the locals are friendly people who will again help to make you “feel at home”.

The cost of living in New Zealand

Expatriates living in New Zealand are able to enjoy a higher standard of living in comparison to developing countries. Obviously the cost of living is going to vary according to certain variables such as the city you live in and the job you have, but overall you should be able to enjoy either a similar or higher standard of living as you did in your home country.

Children settling into school

Starting a new school for any child can be difficult, especially in an entirely new country. What may be surprising is that parents have reported that New Zealand schools are actually easier to integrate into for children in relation to schools in other countries.

The adjustment period may take some time but overall, the quality of education is extremely high and the school systems themselves are very accommodating and helpful which makes a huge difference for children.

I want to move to New Zealand

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