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New Zealand School ZonesThe education system in New Zealand is one of the best in the world. In order to keep their schools at the high standard which they are, certain rules and procedures have been put into place.

The New Zealand school zones system is one of the methods that New Zealand uses in order to prevent overcrowding.

If you are planning on migrating to New Zealand with your children, then it is highly advisable that you learn more about the New Zealand school zones and the zoning system which is in place.

What is the New Zealand school zones system?

Firstly it is going to prove useful to understand exactly what ‘zoning’ means. Children who live in the school’s area are guaranteed a placement at their local school. When you enroll your child into school, you will need to provide your address. This has to be your official place of residence.

If you are being dishonest and are caught, this could result in your child’s enrollment being cancelled.

Do all schools have zoning in New Zealand?

No, not all schools have zoning in New Zealand.

How do I know if a school has zoning and whether I’m in their zone?

If you wish to check if a school has zoning and if you fall under that zone, it is going to be best for you to make use of the nzschools website. You can type in a school or specific address and do a search.

You could also approach the specific school directly and ask them if they have a zoning system. They will be able to give you all the information which you will need.

What happens if I live outside the zone?

If you live outside the zone of the school that you wish to enroll your child in, then you will need to understand how the New Zealand school zone system works. In many cases the school may have additional places available. Children who live outside the zone are then able to apply for these extra placements.

Every year schools are required by law to place a notice in the newspaper stating:

  • The out-of-zone places which are available.
  • The closing date for applications for these places.
  • Any ballot dates for out-of-zone places.

At what age can I enroll my child in school?

You can enroll your child in school once they have turned five years of age. It is always best to do as much research and homework as you can. It is never a good idea to leave this to the last minute. You may even want to start collecting your information and talking to various schools before your child turns five.

Do schools in New Zealand get reviewed?

Yes, schools get reviewed every three years in New Zealand. Schools are reviewed by The Education Review Office. Aspects such at the school’s curriculum, performance and special features are all taken into account. Demographic information is also included. These reports are made open to the public.

This is really good news for parents who wish to enroll their children into a specific school in New Zealand, because it means that you can freely look up reports on a school that you are interested in. You can find a school report here.

What should I do if my application is rejected?

If your application is not successful do not despair because New Zealand has a very fair system in place. You will be put onto a waiting list. The moment that a place becomes available the first person on the list will be contacted and will be offered the placement. If the person does not accept the placement, the next person on the list will get called.

The waiting list expires when the next ballot is held. You will however be required to enrol your child into another school in the meantime. There are never any guarantees when it comes to waiting for a placement.

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