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New Zealand Student VisaThe New Zealand education system is one of the best in the entire world. People from all over the globe come to New Zealand to study. New Zealand is known for its high levels of education and its top universities. There are many reasons and benefits to choosing to study in New Zealand.

If you wish to study in New Zealand it is going to prove worth your while to learn everything which can with regard to the New Zealand student visa.

Choosing to study in New Zealand is one of the best life decisions you can make, because employers all over the world hire employees not only from internationally recognised universities but also from reputable New Zealand universities.

Here are some vital answers to some commonly asked questions with regard to the New Zealand student visas:

What is a student visa for New Zealand?

A student visa for New Zealand means that you are legally allowed to study in the country of New Zealand. You are allowed to study for a set time at a specified studying institution. Obtaining a student visa for New Zealand also makes provisions for you to be able to study as a full time student.

How long can I stay in New Zealand on a student visa?

You are entitled to stay in New Zealand for a period of up to four years on a New Zealand student visa.

How does Immigration New Zealand decide on the length of the student visa?

There are currently three ways which Immigration New Zealand uses in order to decide on the length of your particular studying visa.
1. In the event that you are a full fee paying student, your visa is normally the same length as the tuition you have paid for.
2. If your course is with an education provider that Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has a Memorandum of Understanding with, you have the opportunity to apply for a Length of Course visa.
3. If you have a receipt of a full scholarship, then your student visa will generally be valid for the period of your scholarship.

Am I allowed to work while I am studying in New Zealand?

You will be allowed to work for up to twenty hours a week. However, you will be allowed to work full time during all scheduled holidays and holiday periods.
Note that there are no restrictions on work rights for PhD and Masters Research students.

Can I obtain a New Zealand student visa if I wish to study part time?

Unfortunately you will need to study full time in order to be eligible for a student visa. Although you may be able to study part time on a visitor’s visa.

There are certain requirements that you will need to meet. You will need to be coming to New Zealand for up to nine months only. Your education provider will need to be approved to accept international students by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. You will also need to prove that you have paid the tuition fees in full. In addition, you will need to meet certain visitor requirements.

You could also be eligible to study part time should you be in the final semester of a studying programme which gives you a New Zealand qualification which qualifies for points under the Skilled Migrant visa category.

Does everybody need to apply for a student visa?

There are specific types of students who are exempt from having to apply for a student visa.
This includes citizens of Australia, holders of New Zealand residence class visas and holders of current Australian permanent residence.

Do I have to have medical insurance while studying in New Zealand?

Yes you will need to have both appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while you are studying in New Zealand. This is a strict requirement of the Ministry of Education’s Code of Practice.

Please note that students are not eligible for publicly funded health services. Although, students who are covered by New Zealand’s reciprocal health agreements with the United Kingdom and Australia may be eligible.

Where do I apply if I want to study in New Zealand?

It is imperative to understand, that all the major and reputable education providers in New Zealand are registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

It is always a requirement for a New Zealand student visa that the education provider which you intend to study with is properly and fully registered with them.

This is where you will need to apply to study.

What do I do if I need help with the New Zealand student visa?

If you need help with your New Zealand student visa than it is going to be within your best interest to contact a fully licensed and registered New Zealand immigration adviser.

Dealing with a reputable immigration agency is going to strongly increase your chances of your student visa being successful.

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