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New Zealand Immigration Adviser Based in South Africa - Sarah HewittContact our licensed migration agent Sarah Hewitt direct on sarah@intergate-emigration.com or by phoning her on 021 202 8200.

For those wondering if you really need to use Licensed Immigration Advisors, read on:

  • Licensed Immigration Advisors know New Zealand’s visa system inside out. It’s their job to keep up to date with the latest policy changes – their on-going professional licensing requirements require them to do this. They have a wealth of insider knowledge about the system – make the most of it.
  • They’re licensed with a regulatory body. Gaining their license means that they’ve completed a rigorous process to enter the industry – and on-going professional development is required to continue to renew this license each year. This means they work to a strict code of conduct and ethics which is enforceable – and that you and your interests are protected. It’s a guarantee that they’re working in your best interests.
  • They can liaise with Immigration New Zealand and your employer on your behalf. Working with a Licensed Immigration Advisor means you don’t have to make lengthy phone calls. They can also ensure your application meets policy and has the best chance of a successful outcome.
  • They can create an immigration plan with you. Licensed Immigration Advisors are like satnavs, there to guide you successfully through the complex twists and turns of New Zealand’s visa system. Licensed Immigration Advisors can work with you, understanding what your goals are, and what your timeline expectations are. They can then put a plan in place to help you achieve those.
  • They can offer a different perspective on your immigration options. Licensed Immigration Advisors are nice people, who can offer you sound, honest feedback on what your options are and advice on the process. You may even get information that you hadn’t considered that puts a new spin on the direction you thought you wanted to take. Whatever happens, you’ll come away feeling wiser and more knowledgeable.
  • They love paperwork. Let’s face it, piles of paperwork is no one’s idea of a good time – so let someone else who knows what they’re doing deal with it for you.

You can contact Licensed Advisor Sarah Hewitt direct on sarah@intergate-emigration.com or by phoning her on 021 202 8200.

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