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Work in New ZealandWhile the idea of relocating to New Zealand may sound desirable the chances are that you will not be able to make your dream a reality unless you are able to obtain work in New Zealand.

It is very important to ensure that you do your homework properly prior to making any life changing decisions.

It is going to be fully worth your while to learn everything that you can about the job market in New Zealand and where you and your skill set can fit in.

New Zealand careers website for migrants

An excellent starting point is to make youself familiar with the New to New Zealand careers page. Here you will learn everything which you will need to know about working in New Zealand.

This valuable site helps you cover everything from tips and advice right up to, helping you create your very own New Zealand styled CV. It offers many useful links and excellent information which can help you prepare for the job world in New Zealand.

It is always important to remember that no matter how skilled you are, each country has their own ways of doing things and it is important to adapt and learn everything that there is to know about New Zealand’s job market.

The New Zealand skills shortage list

The New Zealand skills shortage list is aimed at identifying skilled occupations, where there is an authentic shortage of New Zealand workers. It aims to assist New Zealand in finding skilled workers from all over the world in areas where they may be lacking.

It is beneficial to understand that if you are offered a job that is on the list of skilled occupations or one of the skills in demand, and you have the right experience and qualifications which match then you are in luck because it will be much easier for you to obtain residence and a work visa.

Regional jobs in New Zealand

If you are fortunate enough to know ahead of time, the area which you will be staying in, then you are lucky because Careers New Zealand has a tool which allows you to match your skills to employment based in certain regions.

By making use of a regional career match tool, you will be able to narrow down your skill set to very specific regions of New Zealand. Many people already have a few chosen regions in mind, before they even begin with their New Zealand job search.

Skilled migration visa for New Zealand

One of the most popular ways that people get an opportunity to work in New Zealand is via the skilled migration visa. The skilled migration visa provides many people from all over the world, the path to permanent residence in New Zealand.

New Zealand is unique in the fact that it needs to attract migrants. If it were not to attract the required amount of candidates with the required skill sets then the GDP of New Zealand would suffer tremendously.

New Zealand currently has a three year target, which determines the amount of immigrants that New Zealand needs to attract. This number is currently standing at 150,000.

Accredited employers list

Employers in New Zealand are going to expect you to have an understanding of the company where you wish to work as well as knowledge of the specific industry itself.

One of the best ways to learn everything which you can about prospective employers and help yourself in your job search may be to make use of the Accredited Employers List for New Zealand.

This is an excellent tool to use which lists hundreds of businesses along with their websites. If you are able to take advantage of this list in a strategic manner, it could prove to be very useful to you in your search for work in New Zealand.

Explore New Zealand job sites

It is very common for people to make the mistake of spending their time and energy on job websites which cater for locals. While these job sites may present some opportunities and they will definitely be educational, it is going to be more worthwhile to focus on job sites which cater specifically for migrants.

Spending your time and energy on job sites which cater specifically for migrants may be a worthwhile activity. If you are willing to be flexible, have a positive attitude and are open minded you may just discover a big opportunity which awaits you.

Some of the most common websites which aim to connect migrants with New Zealand employers include:
New Kiwis
Working In

Learn the New Zealand job market

If you want to work in New Zealand it is going to really be beneficial in the long term to learn everything which you can about the job market.

Make sure that you do your homework and spend time and energy educating yourself on everything that you possibly can about New Zealand, its key industries, and how the working world works.

Research and read as much as you possibly can. Visit as many websites as you can and be sure to do everything within your power to become job ready for New Zealand.

Remember that the key to any job market is perseverance and patience and the same can be said for New Zealand. The more practical and investigative you are in your approach, the more successful you may be.

The first step to working in New Zealand

If you wish to work in New Zealand, it is important to take the first step. The very first step in the entire process is to determine if you qualify or not. The best way to achieve this answer is by means of an assessment.

The best way to achieve an accurate assessment which will be completely reliable is to make use of a licensed New Zealand immigration adviser. Obtaining an assessment should be the very step in the process towards starting your new life living and working in New Zealand.

Booking an assessment or finding out more:

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