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Australian Immigration Advice

For some people wishing to go to New Zealand the dream is unfortunately not possible. Luckily, for a large part of this group, it transpires that emigration to New Zealand’s equally popular neighbour is possible once they’ve received Australian immigration advice.

Why people emigrate?

We can say broadly speaking that it is down to one or two things or a combination of both – commonly known as ‘push and pull factors’.

A push factor is when there is something in your own country (say South Africa) that is ‘pushing’ you towards emigration. This could include influences like crime or corruption.

A pull factor is where the country you wish to emigrate to, has appealing factors, such as a job or business prospects that are enticing you to make the move.

How can Intergate help?

A great many of our clients have strong push factors as their reason for wishing to emigrate. This means they are prepared to look at more than one option in terms of an emigration destination.

The good news is Intergate Emigration is one of only two companies in South Africa that have licensed immigration agents for both countries.

That means we can assess your eligibility for emigration to Australia just like we do for New Zealand. If you do indeed qualify, our agents can help put together your application as well as submit it for you.

Get in touch if you want Australian immigration advice

If you’d like to get an assessment done for Australia, all you have to do is email us. Why don’t you get assessed for New Zealand at the same time? Our agents can do an assessment for both countries at the same time. Who knows – you might even qualify for both countries. Some people do!

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