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Natanya Mostert - Licensed Immigration Advisor

"Hi! My name is Natanya Mostert, and I am a licensed immigration advisor dealing with New Zealand immigration matters. 

I currently hold a  provisional license from the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority, which simply means I work under the supervision of a licensed advisor with a full license as required by New Zealand law. My supervisor is Katrin Maja O'Flynn, who is also the co-founder of Intergate Emigration.

The supervision agreement is simply in place to ensure you receive the best advice from the provisional license holder. In essence, you’re guaranteed that two licensed advisors will attend to your immigration matters.

If you trust me to assist you, I'll work with you to successfully submit your visa application. Intergate Emigration works with clients all over the world; no matter where you live, you're at the right place!"


Book a 30-minute consultation call with Natanya Mostert to discover your visa options, how the process works, and the costs and timelines involved. You'll also get to ask any questions you might have.

The consultation fee amounts to EUR49 once-off, and you can pay with your credit card or via PayPal.


Book Your Consultation Call


You'll have your consultation call with our Licensed Immigration
Advisor Natanya Mostert (LIA 202300649).

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You'll have your consultation call with our Licensed Immigration
Advisor Natanya Mostert (LIA 202300649).


Our Process

1. Booking Your Consultation Call

You book and pay for a 30-minute consultation call, after which you'll receive a link to complete a short questionnaire. You can also include any specific questions you might want to cover during the call.

2. Your Eligibility Assessment

Once you've submitted your completed questionnaire, including your CV and copies of your qualifications if you want to emigrate as a skilled worker, our licensed advisor will review your information, evaluate your eligibility, and research your best visa options.

3. Your Consultation Call

You'll get an invitation to schedule a time slot on our licensed advisor's online calendar. During your call, our advisor will talk you through their findings and recommendations. You can speak over the telephone or via Google Meet, Zoom, or Teams.

4. You Get A Quote

Following your consultation call, you'll get an email with a complete quote for the services discussed for your consideration.

Our Licenses and Registrations

Licensed immigration advisor for New Zealand

Why Should You Work With Us?

1. Licensed Advice

You'll get assessed by a licensed and IAA (Immigration Advisers Authority) registered immigration advisor, which means you'll get advice that you can trust.

2. Personalised Immigration Plans

Based on your assessment, our licensed advisor will tell you what your best visa option is and how to proceed with your immigration.

3. Assistance At Every Step

Our team will advise you on what's required for your visa application, and we'll work with you to gather all documents and complete all processes so that you can successfully submit a complete application.

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