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Business Visitor Visa

business visitor visa for new zealandYou can travel to New Zealand to conduct business on a business visitor visa. You first step will be to see if you require a visitors visa before you travel. Citizens of certain countries enjoy what is known as a visa waiver, which is essence negates the need to apply for the business visitor visa before you arrive in New Zealand.

Below we look at applications for those visitors from visa waiver countries as well as who are not from visa waiver countries.

Traveling to New Zealand on business from a visa waiver country.

Visa Waiver Business Visitor Visa Requirements

Citizens from certain countries are exempt from applying for a business visitor visa before traveling to New Zealand. You can view these countries here.

Even if you do not require a business visitor visa before you travel, please bear in mind you still have to be admitted into New Zealand. Think of it as applying on arrival. Therefore, it is common sense to ensure you have with you all the documents required by those travelers from a non visa waiver country as detailed below.

Traveling to New Zealand on business from a non visa waiver country

Traveling to New Zealand on business from a non visa waiver country

If you do not come from a visa waiver country, you will be required to apply and obtain a business visitor visa before your arrival in New Zealand.

Requirements for a business visitor visa application.

Who can be included on the application

The applicant (person traveling on business) along with their partner and dependent children may apply.

How to apply

Applications can be made online. Please note that if family are to be included, this must be a physical (paper) application.

How long is the business visitor visa valid?

It can be issued for up to 3 months. The exception to this rule is for British citizens who may apply for a 6 month period.

Multiple entry business visitor visa

If you plan on traveling in and out of New Zealand on a regular basis, your application will need to be for a multiple entry business visitor visa.

Proof of onward travel

Unless your visa label or letter says 'Return/onward travel not required', you must have either of the following:

  • A travel ticket to a country you can enter.
  • An acceptable sponsor who can pay for your travel ticket out of New Zealand to a country you can enter.


You must be able to demonstrate you have sufficient funds for your time in New Zealand. Please note travelers from a visa waiver country may well be asked for this on arrival. It is thus advisable to ensure you have such proof with you, even if you are from a visa waiver country.


Note that the business visitor visa should not be confused with a work visa. The business visitor visa does not entitle you to work. It simply allows you to carry out the business that the visa was granted for.

If you have to work in New Zealand please see the options here for work visas.

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