Learn what visitor visa you need to go and look for work in New Zealand.

Look See Decide visitor visa for looking for work in New Zealand.

look see decide visa for looking for working in NZThe Look See Decide visitor visa for looking for work in New Zealand is used when traveling to New Zealand to find employment.

It's important to note that the Look See Decide visitor visa for looking for work is still a visitor visa. This means the normal waiver remains for certain citizens.

It may well be you qualify for a visa waiver, which means you could think that you do not need a Look See Decide visitor visa for looking for work in New Zealand.

However - you may still be denied entry into New Zealand, even though you qualify for a visitor visa waiver.

For citizens from non visa waiver countries the process is very different.

Continue reading for an explanation of the process both waiver and non waiver citizens should follow.

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What the officials at Immigration New Zealand look at:

  • Is there is a chance you are entering New Zealand to look for work? and
  • If you are not successful yare you likely to leave again? and / or
  • Are you likely to find work? and / or
  • Will you qualify for a work visa?

If the officials are not satisfied with any of the above, they can and will refuse you entry into New Zealand.

It is therefore crucial you read the information below and ensure you fully understand the requirements for going to New Zealand to look for work whilst on a visitor visa.

If you are from a visa waiver country

Why you might be turned away from New Zealand.

  • Firstly, the scenario of ‘packing up and going’ is not advice that Immigration New Zealand would endorse.
  • Migrants who sever their ties to their home country. Then use the visa waiver arrangement to travel to New Zealand and then stay on permanent basis, are contravening the intention of the visa waiver scheme.
  • The visitor visa policy allows you entry into New Zealand and to look for work. This is provided you don’t intend to breach your visitor visa conditions by working / studying / overstaying etc. Therefore, if Immigration New Zealand (INZ) are not satisfied that you will return home, in the event that you do not get a job offer, or qualify for a work visa, INZ may consider that entry under the visa waiver scheme is not appropriate. As example's the selling of your assets and resigning from your job increases the chances of being refused entry on the basis that the immigration officer does not believe you are a bona fide temporary entrant.
  • Importantly INZ will also want to see that you have a pathway to a work visa. Here you have to heed the common misconception that securing makes the work visa a formality. This is not the case. The job you secure will need to be featured on one of the skills shortage lists and your experience and or qualifications will need to meet the ANZCO requirements for that role. Unfortunately we get many calls from excited prospective migrants telling us they have secured a job asking it we can help with the work visa. The reply in many cases is in the negative, as you and / or the job do not meet the requirements.

In summary you need to prove you have:

  • That you have a migration pathway to a work visa,and
  • A good chance of securing a job, and
  • That you have a huge vested interest in returning to your home country if you do not secure a job.

What can you do to mitigate this risk?

Even though you may come from a visa waiver country you can still apply for a visitors visa for New Zealand prior to your arrival. This will afford Immigration New Zealand the chance to assess your case before you leave for New Zealand. It's of course critical that you fully disclose the purpose of your visit and supply documentation to back this up.

If INZ is satisfied they will issue you with a visitor visa. Note that the look, see and decide is INZ terminology which indicates the main purpose of your travels is to holiday in New Zealand. It means even though you're using the trip to look for work, and deciding whether you'd like to emigrate or not, the main purpose is still a holiday.

In summary:

  • It is prudent for you to apply before departure for a Look See Decide visitor visa for looking for work in New Zealand.
  • The risks of being declined entry on a Look See Decide visa application are reduced:
    • if you can prove you have a pathway to a work visa, and
    • are likely to be able to find employment in your field.
  • Selling assets e.g. the family home. This would clearly indicate that you have taken steps to sever links with your home country and therefore have no intention of returning. The likelihood therefore of you breaching the terms of the visitor visa are deemed to be far greater. This will likely result in a declined visitor visa application or entry into New Zealand.
  • Having family back home and keeping employment is a good indicator of your incentive to return.

To be clear:

Advising clients to sell up their assets, resign from employment and move their families to New Zealand on the visa waiver scheme, when their incentives to return are minimal, would in our view be poor advice.

If you are not from a visa waiver country

In this case a Look See Decide visitor visa for looking for work in New Zealand is a must.

This should be gotten before you depart for New Zealand.

Whether you are from a visa waiver country or not.

Your approach should be

  • Firstly be assessed.

    A formal written assessment will:

    • Show clearly any migration pathway options. Thus ensuring:
      • You do not spend money on a trip to New Zealand when you cannot get a work visa.
      • You know what steps should be taken in order to maximise your chances of obtaining a job.
      • INZ have proof of your ability to find work and obtain a work visa.
  • Secondly do not:

    • Dispose of your assets.
    • Ship your goods to New Zealand.
    • Sever ties with your home country.
  • Thirdly where advised:

    • Apply and secure your Look See Decide visitor visa, for looking for work in New Zealand, before embarking on your trip.
  • Last but not least, take with you:

    • Your migration paperwork such as assessments or applications.
    • Confirmation from your adviser that:
      • Confirms your intentions to look, see and decide.
      • Shows your ability to obtain residence or a work visa in New Zealand.
      • Explains your personal circumstances in your home country.

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