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Moving From South Africa To New ZealandMany people choose to pack up all of their belongings and travel across the world, moving from South Africa to New Zealand. New Zealand offers South Africans a balanced, calm, safe and happy lifestyle. More and more South Africans are choosing New Zealand as their country of choice.

How does living in New Zealand compare to South Africa?

There are many differences between South and New Zealand. Firstly in New Zealand you will be able to walk around freely. You will not need to worry about crime. New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world, which offers a free and calm lifestyle.

Purchasing a car in New Zealand is much easier. Registration and transfers can be done at a post office, normally open 7 days a week. Moving from South Africa to New Zealand may initially be difficult but you will soon learn to enjoy all the benefits.

Cost of living

The cost of living in New Zealand is comparable to many western style countries. Many people have found the cost of living in New Zealand higher than South Africa, while other people have found the cost of living to be lower or similar. The truth is that it all depends on your lifestyle, where you choose to live, as well as various other factors.

Children can be children in New Zealand

In New Zealand your children will be able to experience the joys and excitement of childhood without the added pressures of having to grow up too fast because of crime, finances or community disintegration. Moving from South Africa to New Zealand will allow your children to grow up in a very child friendly country.

Working in New Zealand

New Zealand offers an excellent work/life balance, which means you will always have time to spend with your family and children. New Zealand also has many public holidays, but parents have more rights than in South Africa. For example when a child is born both parents are allowed to take leave.

The weather

The weather in New Zealand is very much dependent on the area in New Zealand, which you live in. The north is sub-tropical with temperatures probably very near to what you’re used to in South Africa. New Zealand’s south is cooler but on the plus side you will get to experience snow.

In many places in New Zealand the weather is very similar to South Africa. For example if you choose to live in Auckland you may be in luck because the weather is very similar to that of Cape Town except it is more humid.


In South Africa if you do not have medical aid you are stuck making use of public health services. As many South Africans know this can be extremely problematic for many reasons. In New Zealand the health care system is very different.

New Zealand residents can choose to make use of private medical cover, however many of them do not feel the need to do so. Excellent health care is one of the many benefits you will experience, if you plan on moving from South Africa to New Zealand.

Getting around

Although both countries offer public transport, the South African public transport system is fairly unreliable. In New Zealand many people take public transport and find it to be very reliable and consistent. The public transport system in New Zealand is excellent.

It is very common to walk or take a bicycle to and from work in New Zealand. Although this can be done in South Africa, there are many risks associated with it. New Zealand in general offers a more peaceful and calmer lifestyle.

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