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Your New Zealand EmigrationIf you read only one article as research for your New Zealand emigration, make sure it is this one – you’ll avoid the most common mistake prospective emigrants to New Zealand make.


Avoiding this one mistake will:

  • Stop you from spending large sums of money that you might not need or want to.
  • Prevent you from building up your hopes of your New Zealand Emigration before you know if you can even qualify.
  • Explain clearly what the first step is with your New Zealand Emigration.
  • Ensure you can get all the information you need about your eligibility to migrate, to enable you to make informed decisions.

So what is the one mistake to avoid with Your New Zealand Emigration

In short not being properly assessed as to your chances of migrating.

What do we mean by being properly assessed?

Follow these simple rules to ensure you get properly assessed:

  • An assessment should take the form of a written report.

  • It should be based on a proper, comprehensive assessment questionnaire that you have completed, along with a review of your qualifications.

  • It should be compiled by a Licensed Immigration Advisor.

  • It should cost you no more than GBP150 or currency equivalent and commit you to nothing other than the assessment, not Your entire New Zealand Emigration.

What goes wrong if you do not avoid this one mistake with Your New Zealand Emigration

  • A proper assessment takes time and expertise. It is simply not possible to carry out a 5 or 10 minute assessment over the telephone and be sure that you receive concrete advice that you do or do not qualify to emigrate to New Zealand.

  • Seminars can be useful – for generic information. You are an individual and the assessment must be done to your own unique set of circumstances.After all it’s your Emigration to New Zealand.

  • Prospective migrants commit to a full application process prior to being assessed. Then end up both out of pocket and with their hopes dashed. Simply because they did not have a proper assessment carried out.

  • Surprises may come up throughout your application process. Meaning extra costs or worse still changing your eligibility status.

  • You appoint an individual to look after you for the entire process without having had any experience of their service levels or how they work.


You are about to embark on one of biggest changes in your life – free online assessments, seminars and the like simply do not do the magnitude of the decision justice.

Make sure you avoid this one mistake with Your New Zealand Emigration and contact us to get properly assessed.

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