The parent residency visa is now closed for further applications until further notice.

Parent Residency Visa

parent residency visaThe parent residency visa is for you to join your adult New Zealand citizen or resident child. The visa allows you to work, live and study in New Zealand and you can include a partner on the application. A partner being via:

  • a legal marriage, or
  • a civil union, or
  • a de facto relationship.

In addition to parents applications for the parent resident visa could include grandparents and legal guardians.

Applicants with dependent children would not be eligible for this visa.

The Parent residency visa is now closed to further applications

The reason the Parent Residency Visa is closed

The parent residency visa operates with 2 tiers. Both of these require you to make an expression of interest. This parent category expression of interest is entered into a pool and from this pool Immigration New Zealand will select candidates to make an application. A successful application will result in residency.

The number of applicants that are accepted has a cap on it. This cap has now been reduced to 2,000 per year. Because of this Immigration New Zealand will no longer be selecting applicants who have submitted expressions of interest and invite them to apply.

Indications are that it will take at least until the end of the financial year 2017/ 2108 to clear the back-log of previous applicants.

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Why did Immigration New Zealand reduce the number of places?

The parent residency visa is part of the family stream of visa options. The family stream has seen an increasing number of applicants over the last couple of years. Immigration New Zealand has set levels of migrants they wish to attract under the family stream and it is important for them to keep to these target levels of migration.

Because the family stream also includes partners and dependent children, which are not capped, Immigration New Zealand therefore had to look at capping one of the other family visa stream options. In this case Immigration New Zealand chose the parent residency visa to cap.

What other options are there instead of the parent residency visa?

What other options might you have if you cannot obtain a parent category resident visa?

Parents and grandparents of New Zealand citizens and residents have two visa options available to them. They may apply under:

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