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New Zealand job agenciesWant to increase your chances of getting a job in New Zealand? Work with New Zealand job agencies. These agencies have recruiters with the contacts, know-how, and industry knowledge to secure you a job.

10 of New Zealand’s top recruiters

1. Adecco

Adecco has offices in 16 cities across New Zealand. Their recruiters can assist with jobs for a wide range of industries, including engineering, constructions, and sales and marketing.


2. Advanced Personnel

Advanced Personnel is a recruitment agency that places people across a range of industries including engineering, manufacturing, infrastructure and construction, food processing and logistics, hospitality, business support and IT. The group has offices in Christchurch, Auckland North Shore and Manukau, Hamilton, Nelson, and Invercargill.


3. Drake New Zealand

Drake New Zealand can connect you with jobs in several industries, ranging from healthcare and IT to engineering and education. These recruiters have 11 offices across New Zealand. You can sign up for job alerts on the website and access career advice too.


4. Enterprise Recruitment

Enterprise is divided into four specialists division – Information Technology, Business Support, Professional, and Industrial. Each division offers dedicated expertise and knowledge. You can find Enterprise in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Invercargill.


5. Fosterra

Fosterra works specifically with technically-orientated companies on the South Island. They specialize in Senior Management, Sales and Marketing and most types of technical professional. Fosterra’s office is in Christchurch.


6. HQ Recruiting

HQ Recruiting has two offices, one in Auckland and one in Wellington. They work with candidates in early childhood education, transport, and IT.


7. OCG

OCG offer recruitment solutions across for the HR, technology, manufacturing and industrial industries. They have offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. You’ll find a career support section on the website, where OCG gives you advice on your resume, interviews, and job hunting.


8. Superior Personnel

Superior Personnel connects job seekers with opportunities in Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty. The team specializes in manufacturing, freight and logistics, infrastructure, specialist trades and clerical roles.


9. Tradestaff

As the name suggest, Tradestaff provides recruitment services for the trades and industrial sectors. They have 11 offices across New Zealand, each with a unique understanding of their geographic area.


10. Also visit New Kiwis

New Kiwis is not a job agency, it is a free employment service to migrant job seekers and Zealand employers. Applicants can upload their CVs and search the job section, while employers use the site to search for candidates and post vacancies. You can thank the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Immigration New Zealand (MBIE) for this initiative.


Here’s how a recruiter can help you

  1. New Zealand job agencies are experts on the New Zealand job market. You’ll get insider information and tips to help you succeed in your job search.
  2. Recruiters often know about jobs that are not being advertised on job boards or social media.
  3. Specialist agencies in your industry are already connected with the companies you should approach.
  4. Recruiters can also help you with your CV and give advice on your career path.
  5. When you apply for a job, the recruiter follows up on your application. This means you don’t have to and you get regular feedback on your application.
  6. Using a recruiter is free!

Our advice?

New Zealand employers often use recruiters to screen candidates, especially for specialist and high-level jobs. Our advice is thus to seriously consider using a job agency! Not only for this reason, but also the 6 reasons we list above. With a recruiter by your side, especially when you’re job hunting before you emigrate, you have a much bigger chance of finding the perfect job.

Please note: Intergate Emigration is not affiliated or associated with any of the job agencies listed above.

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