Learn all about the Child of Worker Visitor Visa which allows you to bring your children with you whilst you work in New Zealand.

Child of a Worker Visitor Visa

Visa for a Child of Work Visa Holder New Zealand.The child of a worker visitor visa is for those parents who hold a New Zealand work visa.

If you are in the process of applying for a work visa, or already in possession of one, then you surely want your children to join you in New Zealand.

While you may have a work visa, or are applying for one, you cannot include your children on it. You must therefore make an application for a child of a worker visitor visa.

Who can apply for a Child of a Worker Visitor Visa?

You can make applications when you hold a valid work visa and want your dependent children under the age 19 to accompany you to New Zealand.

Your children include those by birth as well as children of whom you are the legal guardian.

Dependent children is defined as children aged 19 and are dependent upon you.

Where you children are aged 18 to 19 they may not apply for this visa if they have children of their own. Note additional prove may also be requested to prove they that the 18 to 19 year olds are dependent on you still.

Our free initial assessment for you, your partner and your children sees you get the correct advice from one of our licensed immigration advisers.

Some work visa holders are not allowed to obtain a visa for their children

If you hold a visa for any of the following you cannot make an application for a child of worker visitor visa:

  • A working holiday visa.
  • A Silver Fern or Skilled Migrant job search.
  •  To work in seasonal employment.
  • As part of a crew of a fishing vessel.
  • In domestic work of diplomatic, consular or official staff.

When can you make an application for a child of a worker visitor visa?

You can make an application at the same time as the work visa application - so your children can accompany you to New Zealand. You may also make an application after you have obtained your work visa.

Keep in mind your child's visa is reliant on your work visa, so their visa can only be approved after your work visa is approved.

How long is the visa valid for?

The visa is valid for the same period of time as the work visa.

Children can only study for a 3 month period on this visa. If you need your children to be able to study longer see the dependent child student visa.

Can your children study on a child of a worker visitor visa?

Yes, they can but only for 3 months at a New Zealand school. This 3 month period is limiting for work visa holders who are staying in New Zealand for a longer period of time.

In the event that your work visa is for longer than 3 months you should instead apply for a study visa for your children.

The minimum income requirement

In cases where you, and any partner, hold an essential skills work visa, there is a minimum income requirement. This requirement is to ensure you can sustain yourself (s) and any children.

This means you can only apply for a child of a worker visitor visa if you and any partner earn at least NZD $36,850.44 a year before tax.

If your earnings drop below this level you and you family may be required to leave New Zealand.

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