New Zealand to introduce ‘eVisa’ in October

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new zealand e visaThe New Zealand government has announced a new tourist entry approval process known as the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

Effective from 1 October 2019, most travelers will need to hold an ETA before entering New Zealand.

Who will have to hold an Electronic Travel Authority?

Most travellers who aren’t required to get a visa before entering New Zealand will have to hold an Electronic Travel Authority. This includes:

While Australian citizens will be exempt, Australian permanent residents will need to hold an ETA. New Zealand citizens and holders of valid New Zealand visas, both resident and temporary visas, will continue to be able to enter New Zealand without an ETA.

How will I apply for an ETA?

Travellers will be able to quickly and easily apply for their ETA either online or through an app. The cost for online applications will be NZ$12, while applying through the app will only be NZ$9.

Some travellers will also have to pay the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy at the same time as applying for their ETA. You can read more about this levy here.

Would I have to apply for an ETA each time I travel?

No, you won’t. The ETA for standard travellers will be valid for two years, while the ETA for crew members will be valid for five years.

When do applications open?

You can start applying for your ETA from 1 July 2019.

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