Learn how to go with your partner who wants to study in New Zealand with the Partner Student Visitor Visa.

Partner of a Student Visitor Visa

Partner of a Student Visitor VisaThe partner of a student visitor visa is in place to provide the non student the opportunity to accompany their partner to New Zealand whilst the partner studies.

The New Zealand educational institutions offer an extremely attractive environment for foreign students and this visa means students do not have to leave their partners behind while studying in New Zealand.



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Who can apply for the Partner of a Student Visitor Visa

Applications can be made by people in a genuine and stable relationship with a person holding a New Zealand student visa.

What constitutes a partner?

A partner can be by:

  • Legal marriage.
  • Civil union.
  • A de facto relationship.

Key with the application is to prove the relationship is both genuine and stable.

Proof of this includes:

  • The period you have been together and how long you've been living together.
  • The finances and other responsibilities that you share.
  • Photos together.
  • Emails and social media conversations between you.

The partner of a student visa allows you to also study for up to 3 months.

What the Partner of a Student Visitor Visa allows you to do?

  • Join your partner (the student visa holder) in New Zealand.
  • Study for up to 3 months.
  • Explore New Zealand as a tourist.

If you wish study for longer than 3 months you will require a student visa.

When can a Partner of a Student Visitor Visa application be made?

Applications can be made at the same time as the student visa application. As a result of this you can then leave for New Zealand at the same time as your partner.

As your visa is reliant on your partner's student visa, it can only be approved after your partner's student visa is.

How long is the visa valid for?

The partner of a student visitor visa is only available where there is a valid student visa' so because of this it is valid for the same duration as the student visa.

The minimum financial requirement

The requirement is per person per month:

  • NZ $1,000; or
  • NZ $400 where you have paid for your accommodation.

Evidence of funds includes:

  • Bank statements.
  • Credit card statements
  • Bank drafts
  • Travelers’ cheques

Dependent Children

The following is required is you want to bring your dependent children to New Zealand:

  • A completed dependents for a visitor visa form.
  • Evidence of your relationship with your dependent (s).
  • Your dependent children must be of good character and in good health.

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