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New Zealand is a country of extraordinary beauty! From the country’s mountains and rivers, to its forests and beaches. You could never see it all in one go (but you should try at least once in your lifetime).

We could write about New Zealand’s sights and sounds all day but only photos would do them justice. Here is New Zealand in all its glory:

The Mars-like Putanqirua Pinnacles

The lone tree of Lake Wanaka

Sunset over Tunnel Beach

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There's nothing quite like standing at the edge of something wild. The untameable force of wind and sea, water carving rock, embracing and releasing the earth in violent repetition. It can seem so constant, yet at the same time it's force is continually shaping the landscape. Crafting bays and canyons, turning stone to sand. Never underestimate the power of consistency. I'm the kind of person who runs from monotony, constantly thirsting for new adventures. It's easy for me to feel stuck in one place, however what we need to recognize is that even in repetition incredible change can happen. This tunnel wasn't formed in a day. If you're in a place today where you feel that you are stuck in a cycle, just doing the same old things, perhaps the change you need lays only in your perspective. Celebrate the progress that your consistency creates. You ARE shaping the world around you.

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Lupine season in full bloom

The Land of the Long White Cloud

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that morning above the clouds 💫

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The Southern Lights

Paddling along the Waikato River

Bright autumn colours

The mighty Mt. Cook


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