COVID-19: South Africa’s lockdown and Intergate Emigration’s way forward

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Just like New Zealand, South Africa is fighting the coronavirus. At the time of writing, both countries have entered into a nationwide lockdown. As Intergate Emigration have offices in South Africa, we wanted to brief you on South Africa’s lockdown and how it will affect our operations.

South Africa’s decision for a nationwide lockdown

All of South Africa have been called upon by President Ramaphosa, to unite in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Due to his swift and decisive decision making, South Africa entered into a nationwide lockdown for 21 days at midnight, on 26 March. The lockdown will last until midnight on the 16th of April.

What is a lockdown?

This is an emergency protocol taken by the South African government in terms of the country’s Disaster Management Act. It requires that all those in South Africa stay at home with exception of certain individuals and industries providing essential services.

How will this affect Intergate’s business operations?

Intergate Emigration has had to close our South African offices during the lockdown period, but our aim is to offer clients full operational continuity and service delivery. Our team will remain available by email, and our administrators are equipped to stay connected from home.

If you are interested in immigration to New Zealand, you can still contact us. We’ll proceed with the parts of the process that we can, considering New Zealand’s lockdown. Our advisers will be able to discuss with you what’s possible and what’s not. As a starting point, please book a consultation call.

Please note, however, that we will be operating on a reduced schedule and we kindly ask for your understanding at this time.

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