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new zealand investor migrant visa

On Wednesday, 20 July, New Zealand’s Minister for Economic and Regional Development, Stuart Nash, announced the launch of the new Active Investor Plus Visa.

The Active Investor Plus Visa is designed to encourage direct investment in high-growth New Zealand companies and replaces the existing Investor 1 and 2 Resident visas.

Why is New Zealand launching the Active Investor Plus Visa?

The New Zealand Government has made the latest change to New Zealand’s investor visa settings to attract experienced, high-value investors who’ll bring growth opportunities to local businesses.

The Active Investor Plus Visa will require applicants to commit to direct investments of NZ$5 million or more, and only 50% of that can be invested in listed equities. The minimum amount required for indirect investments will be $15 million.

“We want to encourage active investment into New Zealand, which generates more high-skilled jobs and economic growth compared to passive investment. This new visa category will also leverage the skills, experience and networks of migrants who will bring their access to global networks and global markets to help Kiwi companies grow faster and smarter,” Minister Nash said.

He added, “Overall, the visa changes are a win-win for New Zealand and migrant investors. Investors secure an opportunity to invest in smart and innovative New Zealand businesses that have the potential to be globally successful, and Kiwi businesses gain valuable skills, connections, and capital. This will make New Zealand more competitive in the international marketplace and take our businesses to the next level.”

What else is there to know about the new investor visa?

With the Active Investor Plus visa, New Zealand is improving the flexibility for investors by allowing them to invest over three years and maintain their investments up to the end of a fourth year.

Investors will have to spend at least 117 days, or around a month per year, in New Zealand over the four-year investment period. This requirement increased from 88 days in the existing investor category to ensure that investors actively get hands-on with local companies to help them grow.

When do applications open?

Immigration New Zealand will start accepting applications for the Active Investor Plus Visa on 19 September 2022.

It’s the end of Investor 1 and 2 visas

Unfortunately, the Active Investor Plus Visa launch spells the end of new applications for the existing Investor 1 and Investor 2 visas.

After 27 July 2022, Immigration New Zealand will no longer accept applications under these categories.

Applications submitted before that date won’t be affected by the closure, and Immigration New Zealand will assess those applications under current visa settings.

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