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teachers needed in new zealandNew Zealand is experiencing a critical teacher shortage. The situation is expected to worsen in 2018, which means qualified teachers are needed in New Zealand urgently.

The background

The situation in New Zealand has been described as ‘alarming’. A survey of secondary school teachers have revealed that 570 jobs are vacant and 700 positions are filled by unqualified staff.

A high school principal told New Zealand’s 1 NEWS NOW, “We are needing to appoint people to positions with qualifications that are outside of their area of expertise or outside the level that they are used to teaching at as well.”

Book an assessment with us immediately if you are a teacher

The teacher shortage opens up opportunities to teachers from abroad who wants to work in New Zealand. If this is you, we want to hear from you!

How can we help make your dream come true?

The first step is doing an immigration eligibility assessment to find out if you qualify to live and teach in New Zealand.

Should the result be positive, our advisers can explain the way forward and assist you with your visa application. We’ll also assess the rest of your family and help with their visas too.

Why do we start with an assessment?

It’s because we have to find out if you qualify for a visa. You cannot work in New Zealand without a visa.

The assessment also protects you from spending money on a dream that’s not possible. People have lost thousands in savings in applying for visas they do not qualify for.

These people usually dealt with unqualified or fraudelent immigration advisers or attempted to do points score calculations on their own.

Here’s how you book your assessment

It’s so simple. All you have to do is book a consultation call online or contact us by calling +21 (0) 20 28 200.

You’ll speak to one of advisers directly, who’ll first do a pre-assessment to reveal any migration options open to you. From here you can decide if you’d like to proceed with a comprehensive assessment.

Our advice?

Do the assessment as soon as possible. As mentioned, the teacher shortage is acute and teachers are needed in New Zealand urgently. The sooner you get an application in, the better. You may have a bigger chance of success now than you would have at any other time.

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