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Visitors visa for New ZealandPrior to visiting New Zealand, it is important to find out if you need a visitor’s visa. If you are planning on visiting New Zealand, but you do not intend to study or work, then you may need to apply for a visitor’s visa for New Zealand.

Do I need a visitor’s visa for New Zealand?

If you are not from a visa-waiver country, then you will need to apply for a visitor’s visa for New Zealand. A visitor’s visa could be applicable even if you are simply travelling through New Zealand, where an application for a transit visa may be required.

What are the requirements for a visitor’s visa for New Zealand?

You will need to meet the following requirements:
• Be in a good health
Be of good character
• A visitor visa needs to fit your purpose for coming to New Zealand
• You need to be a bona fide temporary visitor

What are the passport requirements?

You will be required to provide your passport with your application. The passport has got to be valid for a minimum period of three months, past the date which you intend to leave for New Zealand.

Alternatively it needs to be one month past the date you intend to leave if the government issuing your passport has consular representation in New Zealand.

Proof that you plan to leave New Zealand

You will be required to show visible proof that you fully intend to leave New Zealand within the required period of time.

There are various ways that proof can be shown. You could for example, show travel tickets or even provide written confirmation from a travel agency that shows and proves that your travel has been booked on a specified date to leave the country.

Proof of funds

You will need to be show proof of funds. This serves to ensure that you have sufficient money to support yourself during your stay in New Zealand.

You will need to have a minimum amount of the following:
NZ$1000 per person per month of the visit, or
NZ$400 per person per month if accommodation has already been paid for. (You will need to provide proof of this)

Funds can be in the form of the following:
• Cash
• Travelers’ cheques
• Bank drafts
• Recognised credit cards with sufficient credit available
• A declaration by a sponsor meeting certain requirements will also be accepted

Who isn’t eligible for a visitor’s visa for New Zealand?

People who do not meet the above requirements are not eligible for a visitor’s visa for New Zealand. In addition criminals are not allowed into New Zealand under any circumstances.

Please note that if your application is incomplete when you submit it and if you provide information which is false, your application can be refused.

Medical insurance

It is highly recommended that you have comprehensive medical insurance for the full duration of your visit. If you are fortunate enough to be coming from the United Kingdom or Australia you will receive the same medical coverage as a New Zealand citizen, due to reciprocal health agreements.

How long can I stay in New Zealand?

The easiest way to calculate how long you (holiday makers) can stay is:
• Look at your intended date of departure from New Zealand
• Count back 18 months from this date
• You can stay no more than 9 months during this period.
• There is a possible exception to this where you are considered a genuine visitor / tourist whereby after 9 months you may apply for a further 3 months to complete your travels.

I want to apply for a New Zealand visitor’s visa

If you wish to apply for a New Zealand visitor’s visa, book a consultation call with our licensed advisor for assistance.

We have the knowledge, expertise and professionalism to be able to assist you with all your New Zealand immigration visitor and immigration needs.

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