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Why study in New Zealand?Aspiring students from all over the world are choosing to go abroad and study in New Zealand. In the last couple of years the international student population in New Zealand has grown dramatically. A question which you may want to ask is: why study in New Zealand? What is attracting students to New Zealand as opposed to all the other countries in the world? What does New Zealand have to offer its students?

These are some very valid questions which you need to ask. If you are considering studying abroad, then you may want to continue reading as this article aims to answer all these important questions.

Why study in New Zealand?

1. Internationally recognised universities

The New Zealand education system is one of the best in the world. It is based on the British higher education model and it is essentially research-based. New Zealand places a high value on quality education and therefore offers some of the best programs in the world. The majority of universities are all internationally recognised which can work wonders for your future career.

No matter where in the world you go, employers are constantly seeking out graduates who come from quality universities. Studying at a top highly recognised university in New Zealand, will also help you to gain a global perspective which employers appreciate.

2. A wide selection of programs

One of the best aspects about New Zealand universities is that they offer a diverse range of studying programs. There are eight institutions which make up the university system,which are ideally situated across the country. Therefore you will not only have a wide selection of study programs and universities to choose from , but you will also be able to choose the part of New Zealand which you would like to study in.

3. Decent entry requirements

One of the biggest determining factors for university students is gaining access to the university of their choice. Unfortunately in many countries, the access requirements for students may be increasingly difficult. New Zealand on the other hand makes provisions for students to study and enter university, even if they only have moderate grades. In comparison to the requirements of the rest of the world, New Zealand has very decent university requirements which are not impossible to obtain and reach.

4. The cost factor

Lets face it , no university is even worth considering if the cost factor is too high. Fortunately for the majority of students New Zealand offers a fairly low cost of living. Not only does this apply to the university fees but it also applies to everything else. As a student in New Zealand you will be able to afford accommodation, food and transport at costs which are affordable.

5. Safe and clean

New Zealand is a very safe country with a very low crime rate. This allows students to enjoy a positive learning experience without the constant stress and worries, which may be experienced in other countries. New Zealand has been rated as one of the world’s least corrupt countries in the world. This is good news for students coming from abroad as they can expect to pay the correct set prices for everything.

6. Amazing scenery

New Zealand is filled with magnificent scenery, making it the perfect destination for students. New Zealand is a country of diverse landscapes where you will be able to see things that you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world. There are fantastic travel, adventure and sight seeing opportunities all around the country. This is an ideal way to spend your free time as a student.

7. Friendly and welcoming

New Zealanders are known for being warm and friendly. They are extremely welcoming and open to other cultures and people. Students from all over the world come together to study. International students from all over the world always enjoy a fun and exciting socialising and studying experience in New Zealand. It is one of the easiest places to integrate into society as an international student.

8. Working opportunities after you study

New Zealand offers a broad range of exciting work related opportunities. There are many possibilities and options for you to remain in the country and work after you have completed your studies. In fact if you want to work in the country, you can start networking and sourcing prospective opportunities from the moment that you start your studies.

Will I be able to work if I am granted a student visa?

One of the biggest concerns for students who are wishing to study abroad is with regard to working. It goes without saying that should you wish to study in New Zealand, you may naturally have concerns about generating an income.

The good news is that student visa holders are permitted to work in New Zealand for up to 20 hours a week during term time as well as full time during the course of the holiday periods.

Is studying in New Zealand right for you?

Before you start changing your life, giving away your possessions and start selling your car, it is going to be worth your while to first find out if you are a good candidate to study in New Zealand.

One of the best ways to go about this is to book an assessment with an immigration company who has licensed immigration specialists available.

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