Learn all about the expression of interest for a New Zealand skilled migrant visa.

Expression of Interest New Zealand - what is it?

With a philosophy of service first and a focus on our clients needs there is no one better placed than Intergate Emigration to assist you with your immigration to New Zealand.An Expression of Interest (EOI) for a skilled migrant visa should only be submitted when you have been been properly assessed. We recommend this assessment be carried out by a licensed immigration advisor and importantly this assessment results in a full written report. It is this stage of the emigration process, where many applicants go wrong, resulting in:

  • Wasted money spent; and
  • Failed applications; and
  • Surprise obstacles to overcome.

Where to start?

Before completing an EOI for a skilled migrant visa to New Zealand there are two steps you need to go through.

The first step is making sure you meet the basic criteria:

  • Age 55 or under.
  • Of good health.
  • Meet the good character requirements.
  • Speak English to a satisfactory standard.

You can then proceed to the second step where you need to have a points based assessment. In this points based assessment you need to score 100 points plus.Once you have satisfied these two criteria you can submit an expression of interest.

Getting the process correct for a skilled migrant visa

Meet the basic critieria

There is no point proceeding with an expression of interest until you are 100% sure you meet the basic criteria.

Get a Formal assessment

It is essential to get formally assessed by a Licensed Immigration Advisor for your points score and emigration pathway.

Expression of interest

Do not proceed with this until you have completed the first two steps otherwise you risk money and a failed application.

What is an expression of interest?

A skilled migrant visa is all about the pairing of the applicants skills to the skills required in New Zealand. The expression of interest is the applicant (after being satisfied they meet the above 2 criteria) declaring their interest in applying for a skilled migrant visa and submitting initial relevant information to Immigration New Zealand to ascertain whether they may qualify.

What’s contained in an expression of interest?

The expression of interest contains information relating to:

  • your health
  • your character
  • your age (you must be 55 or under)
  • your English language ability
  • the factors that will earn you points on your points based assessment

How is it submitted?

It can be submitted online or paper based.

Do I have to submit any paper work with my expression of interest?

There is no need for you to submit any additional paperwork with your expression of interest. Documentary proof is normally required only if your expression of interest is selected and you receive an invitation to apply for your skilled migrant visa.

In the event any documentary proof is required with your expression of interest it will be requested from you.

Ensure your expression of application is correctly compiled by contacting one of our licensed emigration advisors.

Are there any fees involved?

Submitting your expression of interest does incur a fee from Immigration New Zealand and the tariff can be viewed here. You should note that an online expression of interest is cheaper than a paper based one.

In addition to this if you are working with a registered immigration practitioner they will also levy a charge.

How do I know I am not wasting my money?

The final decision on whether you are selected for an invitation to apply rests with Immigration New Zealand and until the point you receive your visa no guarantees can be provided by anyone.

That said a registered immigration practitioner will be able to guide you through the process and give you a valid opinion as to whether they consider it worth you proceeding with an EOI.

What period does the expression of interest last for?

An EOI is valid for 6 months. If you have not been selected from the pool of applicants in this time then you will need to reapply.

Get more information about meeting the criteria for submitting your expression of interest with our free initial assessment.

After you have submitted your expression of interest?

There are 3 likely scenarios:

  1. The EOI does not meet the criteria and is not accepted. Therefore you need to consider an essential skills work visa.
  2. Your EOI is 160 points plus and is accepted into the expression of interest pool.
  3. The EOI is accepted and you have a score of between 100 and 159 points. Therefore you will need to secure a job offer.

What if I score 160 points plus?

An invitation to apply for a skilled migrant workers visa will be issued to you.

If your EOI is between 100 and 160 points?

Your EOI will be reviewed with particular regards to the points scoring sections regarding the job offer and skilled job factors. You may then be invited to apply for a skilled migrant visa.

How long does the process take?

If you achieve over 160 points you can expect you invitation to apply in approx 1 to 3 months. The pool is reviewed every 2 weeks.

Should you receive an invitation to apply?

An invitation to apply is just that, the final step in making a skilled migrant visa application where you supply all the documentary evidence to back up your EOI and ensure all your details are correct and up to date.

How do I get help with compiling and expression of interest?

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