Learn all about the New Zealand Skilled Migrant points system.

New Zealand Immigration Points

new zealand immigration pointsOnce you have ensured you meet the basic requirements for a skilled migrant visa it is time to turn your attention to your New Zealand Immigration points.


There are plenty of free online tools that can help you with calculating your New Zealand Immigration points. Most of them cannot be trusted to give you a 100% accurate and validated, so, be careful.

Free online assessments, including using the information below, are only indicators and you should not base any application for an expression of interest or residency on these.

Always ensure you have a proper written report from a licensed immigration advisor, such as one of Intergate's. The consequences of not doing so may well result in loss of money and also your dream of emigration.

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The New Zealand Immigration Points system explained

The New Zealand Immigration points system for a skilled migrant visa lies at the centre of the entire immigration process. It is from this points score you are able to find out:

  • If you qualify for skilled migrant visa.
  • Where you do not qualify, what other routes you may pursue.
  • The processes you must follow with your application.

In short the points score, if done correctly, as part of a formal assessment, will lay out your migration pathway.

What do you get New Zealand Immigration Points for?

New Zealand Immigration points are awarded for:


  • 30 points: 20-39 years
  • 20 points: 40-44 years
  • 10 points: 45-49 years
  • 5 points: 50-55 years

Please note if you are older than 55 years of age you will not qualify.

Skilled employment

  • 50 points: if you have an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand.
  • 50 points: if you are currently employed in a skilled occupation in New Zealand.

Most people calculate their New Zealand emigration points incorrectly. This results in failed applications and wasted money. Contact us for licensed expert guidance with your points score.

Bonus points

  • 10 points where you are:
    • In an occupation in an area of absolute skills shortage, or
    • Employed in work in a region outside Auckland
  • 20 points if:
    • Your income is more than twice the New Zealand median income.
    • Your partner also has a skilled job or job offer.

Work experience in skilled employment

  • 10 points: 2 years
  • 20 points: 4 years
  • 30 points: 6 years
  • 40 points: 8 years
  • 50 points: 10 years

Bonus points for work experience in New Zealand

  • 10 points: 12 months or more

And if the work experience in an area of absolute skills shortage bonus points as follows

  • 10 points: 2 to 5 years
  • 15 points: 6 or more years


  • 40 points: recognised level 4-6 qualification (e.g. trade qualification, diploma) or Level 3 qualification on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment.
  • 50 points: recognised level 7 or 8 qualification (e.g. bachelor degree, bachelor degree with honours)
  • 70 points: recognised level 9 or 10 post-graduate qualification (master’s degree, doctorate)

Bonus points for qualifications

  • 10 points for either:
    • Two years full-time study in New Zealand completing a recognised NZ bachelor degree.
    • One year of full-time study in New Zealand completing a recognised NZ post-graduate qualification.
  • 15 points: Two years of full-time study in New Zealand completing a recognised post-graduate NZ qualification.
  • 10 points: Your partner holds a level 7-8 qualification.
  • 20 points: Your partner holds a recognised post-graduate (level 9-10) qualification.

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