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How to Get a Job in New ZealandNew Zealand does its best to welcome skilled migrants into the country. Even though there may be opportunities available it may be hard to find them. It is going to be useful to understand that New Zealand is different to your current country, and they have a different way of doing things.

When it comes to learning how to get a job in New Zealand, it is important to ensure that you do things the New Zealand way.

Tips to help you get a job in New Zealand:

Research as much as you can. Become familiar with the New Zealand job websites and understand your prospective field and how it works in New Zealand.

Find out if you qualify as a skilled migrant for New Zealand. Should you qualify under the skilled migrant category for New Zealand, you may find that your job search is much easier.

Get assessed for New Zealand immigration by a reputable immigration agent. This will help you to ensure that you do qualify for migration to New Zealand.

Be aware that many prospective employers may ask about your immigration status. It is going to be best to obtain your visa, alternatively be as knowledgeable about the application process as possible. Removing these obstacles will assist you in becoming more marketable in the New Zealand employment sector.

Prepare your C.V in the New Zealand style. Spend time on Google learning everything that you can about New Zealand C.V styles and formats.

Remove irrelevant information from your CV, refer to Matric as a “senior school certificate”, take out any languages you can speak from your home country that do not apply. E.g.: If you can speak Afrikaans that is irrelevant, remove it.

Ensure that you take out phone numbers and contact details which aren’t in New Zealand. Try to find a way to obtain a reference that is New Zealand based.

Make sure that you have a good and solid LinkedIn profile, many recruitment agencies in New Zealand look at your LinkedIn Profile.

Stand out from the crowd by ensuring recruiters, prospective employers and interested companies that nothing is too much trouble for you. Eliminate all the obstacles and be sure to mention that you are available for Skype interviews and face to face interviews.

Be prepared to go to New Zealand for a job interview. Should you not be willing to do this, then this may heavily count against you.

Always have copies of your visas, references, qualifications and more with you at all times. Make yourself flexible, positive and available at all times.

Be prepared to improve your knowledge base and be willing to do whatever it takes in order to succeed in the New Zealand job market. You may be required to do some short courses. Consider taking some online courses in your field in order to make yourself even more marketable.

Prior to any job interview ensure that you find out everything that you can about your potential employer. Be sure to learn everything that you can about the company, the industry and the position itself.

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