How to get a job in New Zealand: 10 Top tips (plus a LinkedIn profile checklist)

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how to get a job in new zealand

Did you know that most people need a job offer to score enough points for a Skilled Migrant Visa?

Immigration New Zealand usually only invites migrants with a score of 160 or more to apply for a visa, despite the minimum required points score being 100.

That’s why it’s critical to know how to get a job in New Zealand if you want to immigrate to New Zealand as a skilled migrant.

1. Find out if you qualify for a Skilled Migrant visa

Your immigration journey must start with an immigration assessment. There are two reasons for this:

  • You don’t want to find out after getting a job offer that you don’t qualify for a Skilled Migrant visa. It’ll be devastating!
  • Recruiting from overseas is riskier for an employer than recruiting locally – and that’s why many employers would want to know that you qualify for a work visa before considering your CV.

2. Research the New Zealand job market

Go into this job search prepared!

Read up on your industry in New Zealand, research average salaries, compile a list of recruiters, find out how the recruitment process works, and look for companies that often hire overseas.

You’ll not only set yourself up for success , but also manage your expectations around what you can expect from working in New Zealand, what you’re liking to earn, and how long it could take to get a job.

3. Prepare your CV in the New Zealand style

Spend time formatting your CV in the New Zealand style.

Your efforts will pay off because employers will know you understand how to job hunt in New Zealand.

Not only that, but it’ll also show that you care enough to research how a New Zealand employer wants to receive an application.

4. Write a cover letter that makes an impact

You don’t want to send employers a generic cover letter! Make it specific to the job and clearly illustrate why the employer should consider your application.

You’ll find excellent examples of cover letters on The Muse, a career-focused website.

5. Make sure you have a strong LinkedIn profile

Recruiters and employers will search for you on LinkedIn, so it’s crucial to set up a profile that gets their attention.

What makes  a strong LinkedIn profile? Everything in the checklist below. Download it, then continue reading for more tips.

6. Always have updated copies of your visas, references, and qualifications

You don’t want an expired passport or outdated documents to stand in the way of getting a job in New Zealand. Set reminders for when updates are needed and ensure they happen in time. You could ask your immigration advisor for guidance with this matter.

7. Improve your skills and knowledge

You may need to sharpen your skills to get a job in New Zealand. Don’t let it stand in your way! Yes, it’s hard to study and work. However, you might only need to do a short course or a certificate.

Trust us when we say the studying will pay off. You’ll make yourself more marketable and desirable to employers.

8. Become a Zoom expert

In a post-COVID world, just about every employer is conducting online interviews. You must ensure you know how to use Zoom and other similar tools like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.

Test each one to know how it works and how to troubleshoot common errors. You can set up a quick session with a friend, but also remember to test the tech before every interview. You never know when an update is needed, which could cut into your interview time if you don’t do it beforehand.

9. Be available day and night

There might be a considerable time difference between New Zealand and your home country. That is no excuse not to attend an interview.

You could ask for a different time, which probably won’t be frowned upon, but stick with the suggested time if you can.

10. Prepare for the interview

It’s no secret that it’s critical to prepare for an job interview. The basics are researching the company, prepping and practising answers to common interview questions, and doing salary research.

The better you’re prepared, the better your interview will likely go.

In summary

Go into your New Zealand job hunt prepared. Ensure you know the industry, perfect your CV and cover letters, and sharpen your skills.

Don’t neglect to create a stellar LinkedIn profile – it’s one of the best ways to secure a job!

Finally, ensure you’re ready when an employer shows interest by prepping for the interview, becoming a Zoom expert and having updated documents.

That’s how you get a job in New Zealand.

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