How to get a job in New Zealand: 12 Top tips (plus a LinkedIn profile checklist)

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how to get a job in new zealand

New Zealand does its best to welcome skilled migrants into the country. Even though there may be opportunities available it may be hard to find them. It is going to be useful to understand that New Zealand is different to your current country, and they have a different way of doing things.

When it comes to learning how to get a job in New Zealand, it is important to ensure that you do things the New Zealand way.

Tips to help you get a job in New Zealand:

1. Research as much as you can

Become familiar with New Zealand job websites, and understand how things work in your industry in New Zealand. Read up on the recruitment process but also find out if you need to apply for any local registrations or licenses.

Another good idea is to spend time looking for companies who often hire from overseas. Such companies are already familiar with the process and more likely to hire you.

2. Find out if you qualify as a skilled migrant for New Zealand

New Zealand actively recruits for skilled occupations, so the barriers to entry into the country is lower for eligible candidates in sought-after jobs. Therefore it is advisable to do a visa assessment to see if you perhaps qualify to immigrate to as a skilled migrant.

3. Get assessed by a reputable immigration advisor

You want to get assessed by a licensed and IAA (Immigration Advisers Authority) registered immigration advisor. Why? Because dealing with a licensed advisor is the best way to ensure that you get the correct advice on your visa eligibility and immigration journey.

4. Be aware that many prospective employers may ask about your immigration status

Recruiting from overseas is riskier for an employer than it is to give a local recruit a job. That’s why many employers would want to know that you qualify for a work visa before considering your CV.

Our advice? Start your immigration with an eligibility assessment. You can job hunt with so much more confidence knowing that you qualify for a visa that allows you to work in New Zealand!

5. Prepare your CV in the New Zealand style

Spend time formatting your CV in the acceptable New Zealand style. Your efforts will pay off because employers will know that you understand how to job hunt in New Zealand. Not only that, it’ll also show that you care enough to research how a New Zealand employer wants to receive an application. What a great first impression that’ll be!

7. Make yourself available

Online interviews over Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams are standard these days. It is thus non-negotiable that you are available on as many but preferably all of these online platforms.

Being available goes further than this though. There is bound to be a time difference between your country and New Zealand, so be open to interviews at odd times. You might have to interview early morning or in the middle of the night!

8. Make sure that you have a good and solid LinkedIn profile

Just about every industry has a LinkedIn presence. Therefore you must too. Recruiters and employers are going to search for you on LinkedIn, and it is crucial that you make a good impression once they do.

Grab your profile checklist below, then continue reading for our final four tips (and a handy list of resources).

9. Stand out from the crowd

Let recruiters, prospective employers and interested companies know that nothing is too much trouble for you. Eliminate all the obstacles and be sure to mention that you are available for online interviews and face-to-face interviews.

10. Be open to changing your plans to realise your dreams

Your dream may be to make a permanent move to New Zealand but that might not be possible. You might only qualify for a temporary work visa. Don’t despair though if that’s the case! Once you have New Zealand job experience, it’ll be easier to land your next job in New Zealand.

11. Always have updated and current copies of your visas, references, and qualifications available

You don’t want to hold up your job search or the recruitment process with expired visas or outdated documents! It doesn’t project a professional image either.

12. Be prepared to improve your knowledge base

You may need to add to your skills to find a job in New Zealand. Don’t let it stand in your way! Yes, it’s hard to study and work. However, you might only need to do a short course or a certificate.

Trust us when we say the studying will pay off! You’ll make yourself more marketable and desirable to employers.

New Zealand job searching resources

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