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New Zealand Immigration Points SystemThe New Zealand Immigration points system is one of the tools that Immigration New Zealand use in assessing whether you are eligible to emigrate to New Zealand.

Below is our ‘fools guide’ to the New Zealand Immigration Points System.

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What role does the New Zealand Immigration Points System play in your prospective immigration?

Any skilled migration for New Zealand residency will require you to take a points test. In fact the point’s assessment is probably the most crucial aspect of your prospective New Zealand immigration.

Why is the New Zealand Immigration Points System so crucial?

New Zealand is a popular immigration destination with many thousands of people wishing to migrate there. As with all other countries, New Zealand has to balance its human resource requirements with protecting local employment.

It all begins with assessing whether the person qualifies for New Zealand Immigration.

The point’s score you achieve dictates whether or not you can apply for an expression of interest. If done incorrectly the consequences are severe:

• Wasted money
• False hopes
• The wrong score meaning a missed change of immigration.

What does the point’s score look at?

The points score can be seen as a little complex which is why we recommend it is done by a licensed immigration advisor such as ourselves. The areas it covers include:

• Age.
• Close family residing in New Zealand.
• Skilled employment.
• Bonus points for employment in certain sectors or regions.
• Work experience in skilled employment.
• Bonus points for work experience in New Zealand.
• Bonus points for experience in identified future growth areas.
• Qualifications.
• Bonus points for qualifications.

What points total must you achieve?

The rule is very clear 100 points must be achieved to make an expression of interest. However there is much discussion around this due to whether the cost of making the expression of interest is in fact worth the expense of doing so.

During the last 12 months the reality is the applicant has been selected from the expression of interest pool with a score under 140 points that does not have a job offer. Recent changes have now seen this increase to 160 points.

Therefore many individuals have gone to the expense of making an expression of interest application when the chances were ‘slim to nothing’ of being selected.

Of course the decision will be yours to make but the responsibility to ensure you know the repercussions of it and guide you through it lies with your licensed immigration advisor. Another good reason to take advantage of our free initial consultation.

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