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Invitation to apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa

An invitation to apply for a skilled migrant visa is of course good news. The completion of this step is the final part in your skilled migrant visa application.

Naturally you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong with your application. There is still much work to do.

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What should have been done so far

So we have progressed through the stages below and given them a big tick:

Now on to the invitation to apply for a skilled migrant visa.

All you need to know about an Invitation to apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa

In essence; an invitation to apply, is Immigration New Zealand selecting your expression of interest. As a result of this INZ then issue you with an invitation to apply. This invitation is your chance to make a formal skilled migrant application.

Does an Invitation to apply guarantee me a Skilled Migrant Visa?

Keep in mind an invitation to apply for a skilled migrant visa is not a promise or guarantee of a successful outcome. Your expression of interest may have been scrutinised, but it was also taken at face value. You supplied no documentary proof. Therefore if there were any errors in your expression of interest your application may still be turned down.

If you receive an invitation to apply for a skilled migrant visa there is still much work to do! Get professional help by contacting one of our licensed emigration advisers.

How long do I have to apply after I receive my letter of invitation for a skilled migrant visa?

Once you have received an invitation to apply you have a 4 months window in which to apply for your skilled migrant visa.

What if I can’t do the submission within 4 months?

Unfortunately no extensions are permitted.

What if my situation has changed since my expression of interest?

You will need to check all the data on your letter of invitation for a skilled migrant visa and ensure it is correct.

What else goes with the application for a skilled migrant visa?

In short you need to provide the proof that backs up the information you supplied in your expression of interest. This is broken down into two areas:

1/ Proof you and any family meet the basic criteria

  • Passports and photographs – Submission of your current passports to prove your identity as well as two recent passport sized photographs.
  • Police clearance certificates – These are required for all people on the application who are 17 or older. The certificates are needed for your country of citizenship as well as any other country you have lived in for longer than 12 months in the last 10 years.
  • Medical certificates – You will need to submit a completed general medical certificate and chest x-ray certificate for each person included in your application. The only exclusions to this are pregnant women and children under 11 years of age who need not submit the x-ray.
  • English language – Proof is needed that everyone in the application meets the minimum English language standard. For example if you stated in your expression of interest that this was proven by an IELTS score, you must submit the IELTS report.

2/  Proof that you can claim the points indicated on your expression of interest:

  • Skilled employment – Evidence of skilled employment can be provided by:
    • A detailed job description.
    • Evidence of full or provisional occupational registration, where required by law in New Zealand to do your job.
  • Qualifications – Proof of qualifications must be given in the form of original certificates or certified copies.
  • Work experience – Proof of work experience should include items such a payslips, references, tax records, contracts and job descriptions.
  • Close family – The onus here is to prove the relationship with any family in New Zealand. For example, through birth certificates and current bills or bank statements.
  • Birth certificates – To calculate how many points can be awarded for your age. Birth certificates also act as a form of ID. It must be the original certificate or a certified copy.

Get help with completing your invitation to apply by contacting one of our licensed emigration advisers.

What happens after I submit my application for a skilled migrant visa?

Upon submission of your application your immigration officer will start to process it. In the event of any queries, or a need for further information, your officer will contact you.

How long will the processing take?

The processing time does depend on the branch your application is submitted to and the application content itself, but approximately 4 to 6 months is a reasonable guideline.

What happens next?

Once your application has been passed you will receive a Welcome to New Zealand pack with confirmation of your skilled migrant visa.

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