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The New Zealand investor visa offers eligible candidates from around the world the opportunity to gain residence in New Zealand. There are two visa options:

  • Investor visa
  • Investor Plus visa

The route you’re able to choose will depend on your ability to meet the investment thresholds and the other relevant requirements associated with each visa.

1. Investor visa

You intend to make an investment of NZ$1.5 million in New Zealand for 4 years.

What are the requirements?

To be eligible for the Investor visa, you must:

  • Be 65 years of age or under.
  • Demonstrate 3 years of business experience in owning a business or being in a senior management position within a business:
    • With an annual turnover of at least NZ$1 million;
    • And with at least 4 full-time employees.
  • Meet the English language requirements. This extends to any eligible accompanying family members.
  • Be able to prove that you have an additional NZ$1 million available to use as settlement funds.
  • Meet New Zealand’s health and character requirements.
  • Meet the required points score.

2. Investor Plus visa

You intent to make an investment of NZ$10 million in New Zealand for 3 years.

How does the Investor Plus visa differ from the Investor visa?

When you choose to invest through the Investor Plus visa, you’ll have fewer requirements to meet than someone who invest through the Investor visa:

  • There are no age restrictions on the Investor Plus visa.
  • You don’t have to demonstrate any business experience
  • You don’t have to have settlement funds available.
  • There is no English language requirement or points test applied to the Investor Plus visa.

What are the requirements?

To be eligible for an Investor Plus visa, you must:

  • Make the required investment in an acceptable investment.
  • Meet New Zealand’s health and character requirements.

How should you make the investment?

You can only invest in acceptable New Zealand investments, for both visas. Additionally, investments must be made through the New Zealand banking system and investments must be from a validated source.

What is considered an acceptable investment?

Immigration New Zealand recognizes the following as ‘acceptable investments’:

  • Equity in New Zealand firms, both public and private. An equity investment can be active or passive, and can be made direct or via managed funds.
  • Bonds, issued by the New Zealand government, local New Zealand authorities or approved New Zealand banks, finance companies or firms.
  • New residential property development that is not for your personal use and designed to make a commercial return on the open market.
  • Up to 15% of the investment total can be philanthropic investment.

Generally, an investment must:

  • Be capable of a commercial return under normal circumstances.
  • Be invested in New Zealand in New Zealand currency.
  • Have the potential to contribute to New Zealand’s economy.
  • Not be for the personal use of the investor.

You can read more about acceptable investments on Immigration New Zealand’s website.

Here’s how the application process works

If you wish to apply for a New Zealand Investor visa, you must first lodge an Expression of Interest. If your Expression of Interest is successful, you’ll get an invitation to apply for New Zealand residence.

Should INZ approve your residence in principle, you’ll have 12 months to transfer your investment funds into an acceptable investment in New Zealand. You’ll have to provide verifiable documents to show that the investments came from the funds and/or assets that you nominated.

What happens after you get residence?

You’ll have to do the following once INZ has approved your residence:

Investor visa:

  • Keep the investment funds in an acceptable investment for four years.
  • Spend at least 146 days of each year in New Zealand in years two, three and four of your four-year investment period or 438 days over the four-year investment period.

Investor Plus visa:

  • Keep your investment funds in an acceptable investment for three years.
  • Spent at last 44 days in New Zealand each year in years two and three of your three-year investment period or 88 days over the three-year investment period.

For both visas, the number of days you’ll have to spend in New Zealand over the investment period will depend on the make-up of your investment.

Find out if you’re eligible for a New Zealand Investor visa

To see if you’re eligible to apply for a either the Investor or Investor Plus visa, simply book a free initial immigration assessment with our consultants. This assessment will show all New Zealand visas for which you could qualify. Following the outcome of the assessment, our consultants will discuss the best way forward for your emigration to New Zealand.

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