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visa assessment for new zealandYou might have noticed on our website that we offer a visa assessment for New Zealand. It all starts with what we like to call an ‘initial assessment’, which is free.

But why do we offer a visa assessment? And why do we think it’s important that you have one done? Also, is the initial assessment really free?

There are a number of reasons actually, which we’ll all cover right here.

But let’s address another question first – is the initial assessment really free?

Yes, it definitely is. Only once it’s clear that you stand a good chance of qualifying for a visa do we move on to a comprehensive, paid-for assessment.

Now let’s explain why a visa assessment for New Zealand is necessary:

In a nutshell – peace of mind

Packing up your life and moving to a new country, while exciting, is also a nerve-wracking experience. That’s why our initial visa assessment for New Zealand is designed to set your mind at ease about the big things right from the start:

1. You do not waste money

Let’s say you want to apply for a work visa or residency through the skilled migrant visa.

In most cases you’ll need to secure a job offer in order to secure the visa or residency. As the job search and visa process go hand-in-hand, there are sections of your visa application that should go ahead – and you should only be paying for these parts.

Yet there are many horror stories of applicants paying immigration companies in full for visa applications, only to see no progress with their planned migration.

Why? Because they didn’t go through an assessment phase where the application process is explained to them.
If you do an assessment, you’ll understand how the pieces of this puzzle fit together – and when it’s a good or bad idea to part with your money.

2. You do not build up false hopes of moving to New Zealand

So you’ve spotted your occupation on a skills shortage list and you’re over the moon. You’re moving to New Zealand!
Not so fast. Just because your occupation appears on a New Zealand skills shortage list, doesn’t mean emigration is a given for you.

You’ll still need to meet a long list of other requirements to make it into New Zealand!

That’s where our free initial assessment comes in. It measures your skills, occupations and qualifications, plus various other criteria, against what Immigration New Zealand asks of immigrants.

Rest assured that we’ll leave no stone unturned when doing your assessment. We’ll explore any and all emigration options you may have.

In other words, once you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll know for a fact whether or not New Zealand is a realistic dream for you.

3. You find out if you meet the basic criteria for a New Zealand visa or residency

The assessment will ensure that you meet the basic immigration criteria set out by Immigration New Zealand before you make a visa application.

This means you avoid unfortunate mistakes like:

  • An application that fail because it didn’t cover the required details.
  • Claiming experience that is not valid.
  • Getting an incorrect points score.
  • Missing opportunities for visa types.
  • Forgetting that all family members must meet certain criteria.
  • And the list goes on….

Instead, you submit an application that’s prepared correctly, in the full knowledge that you meet all requirements.

4. You discover the best route forward

Sometimes it’s possible for us to suggest the best route forward immediately, but other times it’s necessary for us to consider many options before we present any emigration options to you. This we do with the help of the information we’ve gathered from you during your initial visa assessment.

5. You also get to ask any question you may have

It is of course perfectly natural to have a number of questions concerning your prospective migration. At this early stage of your planning we will do our best to answer everything that we can.

It is our responsibility to make sure you make informed decisions. We do this by giving you relevant, practical and honest replies.

Why don’t you book your free visa assessment for New Zealand straight away?

Starting your emigration the right way is as simple as calling us on 021 202 8200 or booking an assessment online.

It’s a small step but it’ll garner huge results, because you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the best way forward and knowing that you meet the basic requirements of emigrating to New Zealand.

And remember – your initial assessment is free.

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