Health requirements for a Skilled Migrant Visa

Health Requirements

Meeting the health requirements of the skilled migrant visa is one of the basic criteria for a skilled migrant visa application. It is thus important to understand what the health requirements are. If you do not, you could fail to comply and this might negatively influence your visa application.

You do not want to fail at this stage! The health requirements is one of the last parts of your application, meaning you would already have spent considerable time and money on your application.

More information on meeting the health requirements.

Below we give you basic criteria for meeting the health requirements. We also explain why you and your family’s health plays such a large role in your planned skilled migrant application.

  • The health requirements for a skilled migrant visa?
  • Will I have to do a medical?
  • What other tests are there?

Why are Immigration New Zealand imposing health requirements for a skilled migrant visa applications?

It is important for Immigration New Zealand to understand that both you and your family are in good health for 3 main reasons:

  • To protect the general public’s health in New Zealand.
  • Avoid increased pressure on the NZ medical and educational system.
  • To ensure you are able to perform the job for which you have been granted entry. There is little point in granting a skilled migrant visa to someone whose health prevents them from doing their job.

What health issues may exclude me from immigrating to New Zealand?

If you suffer from any of conditions below you will not meet the health requirements for a skilled migrant visa and you won't be eligible to enter the expression of interest pool:

  • You require dialysis treatment.
  • Tuberculosis (TB).
  • Severe haemophilia.
  • If you have a physical, intellectual, cognitive and/or sensory incapacity that requires full-time care, including care in the community.

Do I have to have a medical?

Yes you must have one done. The health requirements for a skilled migrant visa requires each applicant to submit general medical certificate and chest x-ray certificate. This also extends to each family member that is coming to New Zealand with you. The exclusions to this (where you are not required to submit the chest X-ray certificate) are:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children under the age of 11 years

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